Gerba Daisy

Gerbera Daises Spain How to Videos for watching

These Gerbera Daises are real showy attention seekers

Gerbera daises do not like to be sitting in water and require a good drainage system.

Water in the morning so the soil can dry throughout the day. SEEDS AVAILABLE
Morning sunlight is ideal, but be sure to keep you gerbera out of bright light during the afternoon.

Although they prefer bright sunlight, it’s best to keep them out of intense light, especially in hot climates like ours here in Spain

How to Promote New Buds on Gerbera Daisies

Promoting new buds on Gerbera daisies is something that you can do with a process called dead heading.

Promote new buds on Gerbera daisies with help from an experienced gardening professional in this free video clip.

Reviving My Gerbera Plant, Plus Repotting

My Gerbera hasn’t been doing well and with a recent thrip infestation its lost most of its leaves.

In this video I remove all of its dead leaves and investigate its root system.

I discover its been planted far too deeply in the past, covering the crown and causing issues such as rot.

So I repot the Gerbera into better free draining compost and raise the level of the plants crown to ensure it has a good air flow and won’t rot.

Gerber Daisies!

Gerbera Jamesonii, aka, Gerber Daisy!

Adorable gem of a plant is an excellent annual in zones cooler than 8a, perennial warmer.

Loving warm sunny days and cool evenings, gerber daisies are a garden classic and add cheer to every landscape!

This video is a brief how to grow and care video for the wonderful Gerber Daisies!
Seeds Available

How to Grow Gerberas | Garden Ideas | Peter Seabrook

Learn about growing gerberas in your garden from seed

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