Lettuce-Cellery Bottle Tower

Bottle Tower Planting Ideal for the Patio Interesting project

Building a bottle tower for container gardening of Vegetables and Herbs in Spain.

Bottle Tower Planting Building a bottle tower is very Eco friendly way of gardening. Plus very interesting to watch growing your very fresh Vegetables to eat, or just to grow bright pretty flowers  Spanish Gardening Books selection


Building a Bottle Tower Planting tower for container gardening for the Patio, or if you have a small garden

Plastic bottles stacked into a bottle tower can be recycled to set up a vertical kitchen garden at home.

The bottle towers are used for container gardening of vegetables and herbs. How to build such a tower are shown in different steps in the video below.

Give Bottle Tower Planting give it a try, could be a bit of fun and a nice way of using up those bottles, plus real fresh produce.

Bottle Tower Planting Click into the video above for full details plastic bottle gardening.

Containers will offer the joy of growing plants in an area where traditional gardening is impossible, e.g. very dry areas.

Even when space is limited, like in urban areas, one can grow plants anywhere: on a windowsill, a doorstep, a balcony, a stair or a patio, even a rooftop, in hanging baskets or in old buckets.

They all can provide enough space for an attractive and even productive (e.g. for vegetables) display.

Bottle Tower Planting
Bottle Tower Planting
Bottle Tower Planting

When the ability to garden maybe limited by different factors, like available space or drought in the dry lands, then consider Bottle Tower Planting container gardening.

The simple concept of growing plants in pots or even in plastic bottles or plastic shopping bags, offers a variety of ways to enjoy gardening and produce plants in the most difficult circumstances.

All you are looking for IN Bottle Tower Planting is: some containers, the right growing medium, the right choice of plants (seeds, seedlings or young plants) and a window, a balcony, a porch or an open area, preferably with a sunny and a shady part.

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In these mini-gardens one can easily control the type and condition of the soil and pest control is easier since one can isolate the infected plants.
Bottle Tower Planting Growing media.

Bottle Tower Planting

A lightweight, well-draining, porous growing medium is needed, but it should also retain sufficient moisture because roots require both air and water.

One can use successfully a soil conditioning compound like TerraCottem (see www.terracottem.com).

The growing medium should contain sufficient organic matter (for microbiological activities).

Outside garden soil should preferably not be used, because it is mostly too heavy, compacting when drying and then pulling away from the container wall.

Heavy soils normally have high clay content and a low permeability, which makes them slow to absorb water.

Once wet, they drain poorly. They are slow to dry out, insufficiently aerated and plants may not thrive in them (lack of oxygen for root respiration).

Peat-based mixes, containing peat and vermiculite, are excellent. They are relatively sterile and pH adjusted.

They also allow the plants to get enough air and water. Some gardeners do not recommend peat, because it is getting overexploited.

Potting Mixes

Commercial potting mixes are relatively lightweight, but often slightly acidic; adding some lime may help to grow certain plant species (soil test: pH around 6.5-7.0).

You can also mix your own: one part loamy garden soil, one part peat moss, one part coarse (sharp) sand, and a slow-release fertilizer (14-14-14) in the right dosage per volume.

Some gardeners do not recommend peat moss (environmental concern), but compost.

I would certainly recommend to use a small dosage of the TerraCottem soil conditioner to enhance the water retaining capacity an the nutrient content of the growing medium.

TerraCottem also contains root stimulating agents, which make the plants growing better, even in very dry conditions.

Bottle Tower Planting

Synthetic “soil” suits very well for vegetable container gardening. This mix may contain a number of different materials: peat moss, sawdust, wood chips, coir (coconut fibers), bark products, perlite, vermiculite.

According to many gardeners a “soilless” potting mix (from a garden center) works best for container gardening. It drains quickly, is lightweight, designed specifically to deter insects and soil-borne diseases and is free from weed seeds.


This video shows the efficiency and sustainability of a bottle tower

They can be installed against the wall of a house or along a
hedge or a fence.

The number of bottle towers has to be adapted for
providing food security for the family all year long and year after

It is a method applicable anywhere on earth, both in rural and
in urban areas, e;g. on a balcony. It can be applied at the lowest
cost to alleviate malnutrition and hunger.

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Bottle Tower Planting


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