Clivia or Bush Lilly now popular showy stunning perennial

Originally Clivia came from South Africa

Clivia are perennials with a long narrow, dark green leaves that produce clusters of red or orange bell-shaped flowers at the end of a long stem, resembling lilies or Bush lily

Perennial Clivia miniata

Clivia miniata

 This species is capable of tolerating full sun conditions and a semi-arid Mediterranean climate with strictly winter rainfall, but here in Spain expect if grown in a pot to receive a fairly regular watering during the hot summer.


They requires a lot of light, if in pots in direct sunshine they re not happy if it is all day sun, so a position where they receive some shade on the hottest days is deirable.

Indoors, if the light is insufficient, the plants do not flower, lose vigour and become spindly.
They require a very well drained substrate, based on thick peat mixed with perlite and crushed bark of pine.
It is essential that the water does not remain stagnant. In nature, they grow on (and between) rocks, and their thick fleshy roots “crawl” over the stone looking for holes and crevices where soil and leaf litter are deposited.


The propagation is done after flowering, at the same time as the transplant, by dividing the plant, that is, separating the shoots that are born on the sides of the mother plant.
It can also reproduce by seed, which is extracted from the fleshy fruits that develop on.



Once they are ripe, the seeds are cleaned from the pulp, dried and planted almost without burying in a substrate based on 50% peat and 50% perlite, keeping the planting pot in a very bright place (without direct sun).

How to Take Care of a Clivia Plant

The Clivia plant is perfect to grow in the shade or in a container. In this video, Tanya Visser shows you how to take care of it.

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Noble, man of honor, unyielding, resolute–Bush Lily

The Bush lily is a flowering green plant that grows best in woodland environments. It is native to South Africa.

It gives off a fragrant scent, but is toxic and poisonous if eaten. In the wild, Bush lily plants tend to grow together in clumps.


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