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MINT If You Have This Plant In Your House, You Will Never See Mice, Spiders, And Other Insects Again Spiders and many other insects hate the smell of mint. . Selection of Spanish Gardening guides for you.



Mint thrive near water, lakes, rivers, and cool moist spots in partial shade. In general, it tolerates a wide range of conditions, and can also be grown in full sun but here in Spain care should be taken that it does not dry out. It grows all year round.
They are fast-growing, extending their reach along surfaces through a network of runners. Due to their speedy growth, one plant of each desired mint, along with a little care, will provide more than enough mint for home use.

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Wonderful Mint: How To Care For & Plant This Fragrant Herb. youtube

I love pretty much any herb. I do a lot of cooking & have a raised bed of herbs in the back yard that I can pick from all year long whenever my little heart desires.

Of all the herbs, mint is my very favorite. Get care tips here & also see how I plant my new Cuban & Syrian Mints in a container.

Some species are more invasive than others.

Even with the less invasive mints, care should be taken when mixing any mint with any other plants, lest the mint take over.

To control mints in an open environment, they should be planted in deep, bottomless containers sunk in the ground, or planted above ground in tubs and barrels.

They are supposed to make good companion plants, repelling pesty insects and attracting beneficial ones.

They are susceptible to whitefly and aphids.

Easy way to Propagate Mint from Cuttings – In Water! YOUTUBE

It is a lovely smelling Herb and you may have had Peppermint or spearmint gum or mint with a fresh taste, that’s what the leaves taste like as well.

This is an easy herb to grow in water and the next video with propagating mints will just be using general compost. A great easy fun project and can be done on a commercial scale.

Harvesting of mint leaves can be done at any time. Fresh leaves should be used immediately or stored up to a few days in plastic bags in a refrigerator.

Optionally, leaves can be frozen in ice cube trays. Dried mint leaves should be stored in an airtight container placed in a cool, dark, dry area.

Brugmansia-pink  Gardening in Spain a selection of books to choose from.


If You Have This Plant In Your House, You Will Never See Mice, Spiders, And Other Insects Again.

spiders hate mint


rodents and mint

Mice… well, you may like mice, but certainly not when they’re a pest.

And they don’t like mint either!


So, you can get rid of them without actually harming them, isn’t that good news? Prepare a well-concentrated mint tea.

Store it in a spray bottle then spray every corner of your house, particularly the door corners and the window rims.

Insects just can’t stand the smell. So now you can naturally keep bugs and rodents away, and have a wonderful minty aroma at home. Isn’t that nice?

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Mediterranean Gardening: A Waterwise Approach.SaveSaveSave


Gardening in harmony with a Mediterranean climate means taking advantage of winter rain and allowing the garden to rest over hot summers.

In this beautifully illustrated, practical handbook, Heidi Gildemeister provides both novice and experienced gardeners with a comprehensive guide for waterwise gardening.

You will find over one thousand drought-tolerant Mediterranean plants chosen both for their beauty and for their easygoing ways.

Well indexed with common and botanical names, “Mediterranean Gardening” will be indispensable not only for gardeners in California, the Mediterranean basin, and Mediterranean climate areas in South America, Australia, and Africa, but for anyone living in a region that experiences drought.

Gildemeister explains how drought-tolerant plants that are suitably matched with a site and carefully planted and mulched can live on winter rain and, once established, do not need additional summer water – as in nature.

The Plant Selection lists over one thousand plants from nearly five hundred genera, including their preferred growing conditions, propagation, best use, and maintenance.


Guidelines in eight steps describe the planning of waterwise gardens, such as for the establishment of dappled shade to conserve precious soil moisture.

Successful alternatives to the water-intensive lawn offer attractive design ideas. “Mediterranean Gardening” offers a wealth of information: ‘easy’ plants for the beginner, new choices for the garden architect, and for botanists the latest findings on minimum temperatures plants can endure.

An extensive bibliography covering drought tolerance and a list of useful addresses make this book as helpful to people converting to water-, labor-, and ecology-conscious gardening as to those starting from scratch.

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