Pumpkins easy to grow now these popular plants

Tasty Pumpkins grow yourself

Pumpkins are easy and fun to grow just give them a sunny position, plenty of water and shelter from cold winds watch the videos from the experts

How to Grow Pumpkins From Seed – Step By Step

Pumpkins and squash are easy to plant and grow from seed, they are rewarding and with many varieties, you can grow some great tasting ones. Seeds germinate easily and we show you how to speed up germination as well.


A Quick Note on Fertiliser for Pumpkins

It is actually best to fertilise with high nitrogen fertilisers before planting.

After the vines develop, and before flowering, keep away from high nitrogen fertilisers as this can cause the female flowers to fail.

Once the flowers appear use a high phosphorus fertiliser low nitrogen.

Fruits appearing

As the fruits appear use a high potassium fertiliser Fertilisers are identified by NPK values – Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K).

So a balanced fertiliser will be labeled 10:10:10 (equal parts of the three elements) For each stage you want the number for the appropriate element to be higher than the other two.

Planting Pumpkins and squash seeds is the same for all types, in this video we show you how we plant two varieties Potimarron and Galeux d’ eysines.

Sola gardens

How to Pollinate Pumpkins, Prune them and Prevent Pumpkins from Rot

Pollinating Pruning and Protecting Pumpkins from rot are three easy tasks that will give you better, bigger and healthier pumpkins, we tell you how.

Pumpkins rotting on the vine is a problem for many gardeners.

What happens is that they sit on the soil, or grass and because the spot they are on is to damp, fungal diseases develop or just plain old rot.

The easiest way to stop pumpkins from rotting is to lift them off the ground, simply sit them on a piece of timber, an upturned pot saucer, or even a flat rock or paving stone.

Not pollinated

Pumpkins will also turn yellow and fall off and this can be because they were not pollinated.

That little swelling is not yet a pumpkin, it needs to have the flower pollinated.

You can hand pollinate, you can use your finger, or a paintbrush.

Female flowers,

Look for the female flowers, these are the ones with the little bulge around the base of the flower.

These are the ones that need to be pollinated.

Then look for the male flowers, these are the ones without the little bulge.

Simply rub your finger on the stamen of the male flower to get some pollen on it, you will see that because your finger will have a little yellow on it.

Then rub you finger onto the female flower.

To increase fruit size, a little pruning of the vines is encouraged.


Pumpkins have two main sorts of shoots. The main one from the base of the plant, and then side shoots off the main runners.

These side shoots will also send down roots, so they are valuable in providing energy to the vine Once flowering begins you can prune off some of these side shoots, not all of them, just some of them.


SPAIN produces more pumpkins than any other member state of the European union (EU). The country grows 115,000 tonnes of the orange vegetable a year


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