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Spanish Green Lawns BUT choose the right type of grass!!

The Spanish Green Lawn Gardening in Spain

Green Lawns  You CAN grow a real green grass lawn in Spain if you choose the right type of grass!! Spanish Green Lawns. . Selection of Spanish Gardening guides for you.

Spanish Green Lawns benissa-lush

Spanish Green Lawns Benissa Lush

Good for a green vista that will require a little water but very little lawn mowing.

benissa green Green Lawns

Spanish Green Lawns Benissa Green.

Lush Spanish Green Lawns Good for that English green lawn, but must be kept in check, stressed and cut to keep the grass fine and low.

Benissa Green.

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Green Lawns benissa silver grey

Benissa Silver Grey

Great if you want almost zero lawn mowing and watering. Ideal putting green grass to produce a cheap low maintenance putting green lawn.
The Lawn Story so far by Greengrass.

You CAN grow a real green grass lawn in Spain if you choose the right type of grass!! Most peoples’ experiences with real lawns in their garden in Spain, start with the expense of purchasing turf or seed.

After the initial euphoria the drudge of watering becomes too much effort, and (generally to the detriment of the lawn) the watering is reduced to a minimum. This inevitably means that the finer greener grasses die and the coarser grasses survive until the next watering.

Spanish Green Lawns.

If you have chosen to lay turf, more than likely it is because you wanted an instant solution for a green lawn.

Turf is not easily found here in Spain because its maintenance prior to sale is so high. Nobody wants to buy yellow or dead looking turf, so the grower has to constantly maintain its look with water and fertilizer until it is sold.

When you lay your newly purchased turf lawn, this instant solution looks great but now immediately requires copious amounts of water EVERY DAY to maintain its lush green look. After the initial period, the watering (whether an irrigation system is installed or not) is skimped on or reduced, and the lawn suffers.

Your Choice

Basically things go from great to not so great and eventually a very patchy substandard lawn is the result. Because of the expense of water here in Spain, most people at this point either give up and put gravel down, or concrete the area.

Green Lawns benissa green

If you chose seed for your Spanish Green Lawns, then after daily attempts to keep the seed from drying out, the result (after the birds and the ants) is a disappointing, patchy solution that has resulted in disappointment. Then re-seeding to fill in the gaps is necessary.

Villa Lawn.

Our grass plugs are a great solution for a beautiful garden lawn in Spain. They are not cuttings, but completely rooted pieces of lawn.

The lawn begins modestly and cheaply with no failures, it’s NOT an instant solution, it’s like a good wine, it gets better with time.

Your investment in your lawn can start from as little as 4 euros per M2. After watering the grass plugs for the first three weeks after planting you do not need to water again (extreme weather conditions permitting), thus eliminating the need for expensive irrigation systems.

However after the 3 – 4 week point you may want to continue watering until the grass plugs join up into an established lawn. This greatly speeds up the timescale and the results from your investment.

Because of the deep roots, our grasses are drought resistant and thrive in hot, dry conditions. The lawn actually gets better with time.

Slow Growth

Once established, our grasses grow slowly and need much less cutting. They do not propagate easily from seed and therefore we propagate the grass for you, and once its established we then transplant into your lawn.

You don’t need any more than this for a wonderful green lawn in less than one season, and it can be much less.

My next article will be about ground preparation for planting a new lawn.

For more information about grass plugs or if you have any questions about your lawn, we would be pleased to answer any questions – see us on Google “Lawns in Spain”

Contact: or phone 676 863 778

Made In Spain: Recipes and stories from my country and beyond.

Spanish Green Lawns

‘Food is at the centre of everything we do in Spain. As we eat breakfast we think about what we will have for lunch, and during lunch we discuss what we will serve for dinner.’

In Spanish families, when you have eaten a really good home-made meal, people stay at the table long after the meal has ended, chatting and putting the world to rights.

Made in Spain is full of dishes that will encourage you to do just that. With over 120 delicious recipes, which stick to the key principle of Spanish cooking – respect the ingredient – Miriam González Durántez brings a taste of Spain to the family kitchen.

Green Lawns

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Spanish Green Lawn Gardening You CAN grow a real green grass lawn in Spain.

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Spain info also lists the Local Hot Water Spas many of them dating back to Roman times.

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