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Wasp Traps making your own couldn’t be any easy

Useful Wasp Traps Stop them invading the pool

Wasp Traps How to keep wasps away from the pool area by making a natural wasp catcher with a plastic bottle and fruit juice. . Selection of Spanish Gardening guides for you.

wasp traps
Wasp Traps

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Wasp traps

wasp traps bottle-trap
Wasp Traps

Useable Wasp Traps

Fly-bottle-trap wasp traps

The idea is that you hang up a container containing something sweet, like honey, and the wasps are attracted to the honey.

You need to put it a little way away from where you are sitting. You can make one yourself, using something like a washing up carton, but doesnt look very nice.

I got one from Lakeland a couple of years ago, which contains a sticky sweet solution, and it works really well.

Wasp Traps

Learn How to build a wasp trap in under a minute.

For more Eco-Friendly How-To Videos & Articles, visit WonderHowTo. wasp traps

Annoyed by summertime wasps? This video shows how-to assemble a humane wasp trap in under one minute using marmalade, water, a disused plastic bottle and a pair of scissors.

Yo las quemo , pero si las rocias solo con gasolina sin encenderlas tambien mueren , yo tengo un “fluss, fluss” de esos de todo a cien .

no encuentro el plano pero basicamente es:

1.- coges una botella de plastico, tipo agua mineral.

2.- la cortas a 1/3 de altura mas o menos, con lo que tienes 2 partes

3 colocas la parte corta, que ahora tiene forma de embudo, al reves y la metes en la otra parte de la botella

4.- rellenas por el embudo con miel y agua o azucar, hay algun remedio mas especifico sobre todo en tiendas de material de piscina y voila
ya tienes tu trampa

de todas maneras intentare localizar el dibujo


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PESTKILL Tel.: 625 160 325


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This is a Posting taken from a local forum about wasp traps.

My folks were visiting last week, and the flies were nonstop around our outdoor dinner. In response to their ‘interest’, I made a concoction of ketchup, barbecue sauce, water, and some chicken innards. If anything’s going to smell bad at the end of a week, it’ll be that! I hope that will take care of some of the problem, these flies are thick.
I used some smashed cheese bits, soy sauce, water, and 3-4 orange segments, with the skin broken so the juice can come out. Total volume came out to about a 1/4 cup. 90-95% of flies were gone in less than 24 hours. no fermentation time needed (maybe the cheese or soy sauce sped up fermentation).

Then I used a small glass jar (like baby food size) and saran wrap with rubber bands to make the lid. poked 15-20 or so holes with a paperclip, stretching them out just a little, to make sure the bigger flies could crawl in.

left the jar overnight. Sometimes shook/shifted spots elsewhere in the apartment to disturb flies where they were sitting, if it was not near the jar, to get them to find the jar faster.

Easiest yet: Dissolve sugar and soap in a bowl of water.

Trying to keep the flies out of my dogs outside kennel, they are bad this year, with the heat.

The one with the 2 liter bottle we are trying and my husband is a smart man he tries all kinds of stuff.

In this part of New Mexico, lots of cattle and dairy farms means lots of flies. I can’t use poison sprays cause of the rabbits and cats on the property.
I discovered this way of killing flies by accident, while I was experimenting with poison dry granules and fly traps, and drinking a fruit juice twister.

Take a plastic sixteen ounce bottle of Tropicana Orange Twister. Drink most of it. Leave about half an ounce. Lay the bottle on it’s side. The wide mouth bottle seems to work best. It’s all about the faster you get flies in, the faster they start drowning in the juice.


There’s no worry about them finding their way out. If they fly out, they come right back in for another dive.

I actually think the sugary juice is intoxicating to the flies. And I guess the fructose sugar glues their wings and they can’t swim. A bottle will begin to fill up in no time. The more dead flies in the bottle, the more flies that show up to party in the bottle.

Drawback: Yellow jackets and wasps like the juice too. You don’t want them swarming around.

Alternative: I’m experimenting with mixing vinegar in the juice to dissuade the stinging varmints. So far, seems to be working. You just got to be careful not to spill the fruit juice on the ground or in your surrounding area. wasp traps

Without going into too much detail, I once had to urinate in a clear plastic soda bottle in a fly infested area.

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It works great, and believe it or not human urine does not have an odor to it. The fly crawls into the bottle, and not being able to get out, falls into the urine and drowns. Might not be practical for the women out there. but wasp traps

hi, this is a wasp traps, fly, and hornet trap for the summer.

you will need:

2-3 litre plastic bottle (cola and pepsi type bottles are the best) no lid needed.
jam or honey
vinegar (if you like honeybees)

simply cut a bottle into three parts:

cut 2 thirds of the way up and again just blow the neck.

put water into the large section, discard the centre section, turn the top part upside don ontop of the large section and put jam or honey on the inside of the nozzle.

to make sure honeybees cannot fall for this trap apply 1/4 cupful of vinegar.

place the trap in shade if possible to stop tthe jam/honey melting.

yours trully kiersters

1 cup of granulated yeast, 1/2 teaspoonful of ammonium carbonate. Mix in warm water (1/2 gallon) . put a lid on it for 3 days. Remove lid after 3 days and let sit an additional 5 to 7 days to ferment. Best fly attractant I ever used! Traps are filled to capacity. Very cheap to make too.

You will need:

2 litter cola bottle, empty and rinsed out
1 cup vinegar
1 cup sugar
One banana peel
Strong piece of twine or cord
Using a funnel place vinegar and sugar in the bottle, remove funnel and carefully slip pieces of the banana peel into the bottle. Then fill the bottle to 2/3 full with water.

Place lid on bottle and shake well to mix. Using a strong piece of twine or cord tie the bottle to a tree limb leaving it about 4 or 5 feet off the ground, then remove lid so that bugs can crawl or fly inside bottle.


or until the bottle is full of flies, wasps, hornets and mosquitoes. It is amazing to see all of the pests this trap will contain. for wasp traps

I grew up in Australia, so I have a lot of experience with fly traps! The best Aussie remedy I know is raw meat and water.

Use a homemade fly trap of any kind and just put a few chunks of raw meat or some minced meat in it and cover it with water.

After a day or two, the meat will start to decompose and this really gets the attention of the flies.

When the flies get caught, they can’t get out, fall into the water and drown and this only adds even more “meat” to the concoction and keeps the trap self-sufficient, so to speak.

Rotting meat is a favourite for many fly species as any roadkill or the likes will attest to.

Fly traps are closed, except for the access holes for the flies, so this kind of trap really doesn’t smell that bad for us humans unless you stick you’re nose right down to it, which of course you don’t want to do, because….yuck!!

you will need

You need a clean, empty one gallon milk container. Be sure to keep the cap. Cut four or five small holes all around about two inches down from where it starts to slope towards the cap (about where the center of the handle is.) Mix 1/4-cup syrup and 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar and pour into container.

Fill to halfway with water and put on cap. Place a couple of these flytraps where the flies are thick. You will probably have to empty it out every other day or so.

Cut a plastic 2-litres soda bottle 1/4 down from the top. Invert top portion into bottom portion. Punch 4 holes at top, tie string (twine) to hold both portions together and hang. Add hamburger or fly bait (I filled the trap with 1″ of sugar water and added a piece of ham.). Most flies are too stupid to find their way out!

Homemade Fly Trap

2 cups water.
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup vinegar.

Mix ingredients to make fly bait. Cut a plastic 2 liter soda bottle 1/4 down from the top. Invert top portion into bottom portion.

Punch 4 holes at top, tie string (twine) to hold both portions together and hang. Add fly bait & hang at your barn. Dispose of entire container when full of flies. (as you probably know, the longer this hangs the worse it smells and the more flies that it attracts.)

Homemade Fly Paper
2 C. milk
2 T. black pepper
two T. white sugar
2 T. brown sugar

Brown paper bags, cut into strips. Boil milk, pepper, and sugar together for 5 minutes. Simmer uncovered 5 minutes longer, until thickened, and then let cool.

Wind the brown paper strips into a tight roll and drop them into the milk mixture. Let them become completely saturated. Rewind the strips gently and let them air dry on a cookie sheet. They are ready to hang when they are sticky to the touch.
To use, suspend the strips up and out of the way wherever flies are a problem.

WASPS wasp traps

If you put a shiny new penny in a baggy full of water and hang it in the area it will keep the wasps away. I’ve tried it and it works! Must look like a predator to the wasps.

Was told by the organic farmer down the road from us about this one wasp traps ….we use it and it really works!

Place straight white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray around house. We have a railing that runs the length of our patio and spray that well along with the eaves of the house.

You will need to redo every week or after each rainfall, but this is super cheap. Keep off your plants, the vinegar will burn them

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