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Villamartin Golf challenging ideal 6,132 meter 18 hole course

Villamartin Golf
Costa Blanca Villamartin Golf

VILLAMARTIN Golf provides a circuit for players of all skill levels to enjoy since it requires the use of every club in the bag. The greens at VILLAMARTIN are wonderfully designed and have attracted very important Tournaments. Golfing Bits and Bobs

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golf Villamartin GolfCLUB DE GOLF VILLAMARTIN(36 HOYOS)Ctra. Alicante-Cartagena, Km. 50 Apado. nº 35 03189 Orihuela (Alicante)Tel.

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The VILLAMARTIN golf course is the first course owned by QUARA Group. This course was designed by Mr. Puttman and opened in 1972. It is, therefore, one of the most established courses in the Community of Valencia.

Its extraordinary design and unmatched setting undoubtedly make this course one of the best golf courses in Spain. Its well-rooted and mature vegetation of over 35 years provides a beautiful backdrop.

VILLAMARTIN Golf provides a circuit for players of all skill levels to enjoy since it requires the use of every club in the bag. The greens at VILLAMARTIN are wonderfully designed and have attracted very important Tournaments.


villamartin-course Villamartin GolfVillamartin golf course,

designed by Paul Putman, was opened in 1972.


It is a natural golf course which takes full advantage of the terrain it was built on. It is a challenging 6132 meter 18 hole course.

Villamartin Golf is situated on the southernmost tip of the Costa Blanca and therefore boasts one of the healthiest climates in Europe. For this reason, the area has become the centre of a thriving holiday industry based on family owned property.

The area has many sandy beaches and there are a large selection of bars and restaurants offering many styles of cuisine.

villamartin-course Villamartin GolfThis web site has been designed for members and visitors alike to access information they require with regard to meetings, competitions and social activities.


Membership of the golf club is only available to shareholders; these can be purchased from time to time when they become available. Adverts for share sales are usually posted on the club notice board.

Members and visitors should contact the caddy masters office to book tee reservations.
Tel/Fax 96 676 5170

villamartin-2-golf Villamartin GolfVillamartin Golf is without doubt one of the finest golf and residential complexes on the whole of the Costa Blanca.

It is idealy situated near the towns of Torrevieja, San Pedro and San Miguel. It would be a fantastic property investment buying a property near

Villamartin Golf.

There is Mediterranean vegetation in abundance as well as thick woods, although they rarely come into play.

The greens are not too small and each hole is completely different. The difficulty of this course lies in having to avoid a natural precipice and several water hazards on some holes.

The course is not too long, and is well adapted to the natural surroundings and terrain.

It is a varied course, although the fact that it is located in the lowest part of a valley means it is not very undulating.

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Villamartin Golf

Villamartin Plaza rental homes


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Costa Blanca Golf Invitation golfing local holiday


The Villamartin development began in 1972 and has evolved into an attractive Mediterranean village of 1500 apartments, townhouses and villas.

At the heart of Villamartin is a central square, which boasts a bank, supermarket, a variety of shops, cafes bars and restaurants and two super golf courses.

With over 300 days of sunshine every year, nearby sandy beaches, and a relaxed international lifestyle, Villamartin is a very popular holiday destination.

Up until recently, I have been using a long iron off the tee as I just couldn’t hit my driver without slicing it OB.

I would hit it 170 yards and 40+ yards off to the right! I tried turning the clubface, placing the ball outside my left foot, off a higher tee, using an in-to-out path and rolling over my arms after impact but nothing helped.

Now I can hit it straight 80% of the time with a slight draw 270+ yards!
Even my 2 iron is going straight!

Inspired by my new found technique, I made this tutorial so that others like me could perhaps learn from the knowledge that had eluded me for 10 years!

This tutorial is based on the stack and tilt method devised by Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett. If you find this helpful, by their DVD. I have no association with them, but I do owe them some thanks for saving my game. I hope it saves yours too.

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