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Charity Shops now Tiendas Solidarias Supportive Shops listed local

List of Charity Shops Tiendas Solidarias Supportive Shops La Marina

There are Six charity shops on the urbanisation to choose from who are always grateful for product donations Plus often need extra volunteers to help

Charity shops

SAT Animal Rescue Shop – La Marina

SAT Animal Rescue Charity shop La Marina is run by team of fun creative dog loving volunteers

Charity Shops

Calle Madrid 3, Urb La Marina, San Fulgencio, Alicante, Spain
Phone Number 675 26 18 03

Excellent items for sale, a very well run shop with wonderful staff Charity Shops👏Charity Shops👏Charity Shops👏

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Charity Shops

Shop is next door to the Local Private Clinic and opposite the supermarket.


Charity Shops

Charity Shops

Tel 634301070 Reg CV 01 052 1959 CIF 54 761 226

AAN Charity Shop. We take everything and have cleared several houses. We sell the furniture from the Catholic Church every other Thursday and have a shop on the urb open 6 days a week. We provide monthly food parcels to the needy of La Marina and San Fulgencio. If you PM me I can put you in touch with our president to make arrangements

Charity Shops

We are on plaza Sierra Castilla. Next door to Ahmeds Tandoori near Jasons the Newsagents. At the back of Dos Mas.


Churches places of worship now in La Marina area

Local Churches

Churches here on La Marina Urbanisation in the are of San Fulgencio. There are two in all the active Hope Christian Fellowship and Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de La Paz


Charity Shops

Charity Shops

Butterfly Charity shop Debra Consum square, La Marina

Address: Calle Luis de Góngora, Urbanización La Marina, Local 37, 03177 San Fulgencio


Mon to Fri. 10 am to 5 pm Saturday 10 am to 1 pm.
Phone: 616 07 60 72
Province: Alicante

Charity Shops

Facebook web page

Our aim to raise monies for the “Butterfly”🦋Children and their families in Spain .


Charity Shops

This is just one is just bellow Bavarious and the local Tourist Office


Address: C. Alfredo Kraus, 6, 03177 San Fulgencio, Alicante

Phone865 75 85 27 ProvinceAlicante

Hours:  Opens 10 AM Phone616 07 60 72


Facebook page

We are looking for Volunteers to work in our La Marina Urbanisation K9 Charity Shop. The shop is open Mondays 10am – 4pm – Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 1.30pm so if you are available one or two days a week please get in touch

La Marina Charity Shop 865 758 527


Charity Shops

Charity Shops

Pets in Spain is the centre point for animal rescue and rehoming in Spain. This animal charity is registered with the Valencia Regional Government. For lost and abandoned animals in SpainPets in Spain provide the best of care with a great team of foster carers and all necessary veterinary treatment and rehabilitation for an animal.

Charity Shops

Pets In Spain is a registered Charity on the Costa Blanca. Charity Number: CV-01-050123-A

Facebook page

Situated on the lower level of Consum Square in Justo Antonio Quesada 55, 03177 San Fulgencio, Alicante. Just up from the Post Office


Mini Golf Courses you are now able to use two FreeCharity Shops⛳La Marina Mini Golf Courses

Mini Golf Courses in La Marina some are Free to use that are owned by the local San Fulgencio Council Others are normal business operationsCharity Shops📌
The Department of parks and gardens of San Fulgencio has renovated the mini golf course opposite the post office in Calle Francisco de Quevedo, and also the one in Calle Alfredo Kraus. Mini Golf Courses🏌🏼Anyone can use the course free of charge but will need to use and bring their own golf clubs and balls. Try local Charity shops clubs and balls.

Horse back Riding now find where they are hidden

Horse Back Riding

Finding Horse Back Riding venues

Horse back riding on the Costa Blanca the secret of where they are situated plus general contact info and videos on the riding stables

Charity Shops

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Spain Info Quesada San Francisco De Asis, Urb Marina, San Fulgencio, 03177, Alicante, Spain

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