Clinica La Marina The very popular private Doctors Practice

The Clinica La Marina

Clinica La Marina, C/Madrid 1, Urb Marina, 03177
 San Fulgencio (Alicante) Tel : 96-679-6380📌 la Marina Clinic

Clinica La Marina



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offers its members the following medical services:

* Medical attention at the Clinic (Consultations; first-aid treatment; injections; Blood Pressure checks; ECG;

Emergency nebulisations and Oxygen therapy)

*  Telephone calls and Fax to arrange medical appointments (with specialists, private or social security,

Insurance company, special tests, etc….)

*  In the event of admittance to hospital, we will endeavour to contact your specialist in order to monitor your


*  If you need a specialist consultation, either Private or social Security, we will provide the necessary medical reports to help avoid language and communication difficulties.

*Verbal translation and explanation of your medical papers.

* Medical reports

* follow-up checks on the progress of chronic health conditions.

Patients will be attended during morning opening times,

holiday and fiesta opening will be notified in advance in the clinic.

Additional Clinic services not covered by the Membership fee:

*Laboratory, Clinical analyses * Cardiovascular checks *Certification for divers (and subaquatic activities)

*Infrared light         *Electrostimulation (TENS) * Physiotherapy * Chiropody * Spirometry * Relaxation techniques

Clinic members will receive a discount on some of these extra services.

“Familia” Membership comprises a family unit (two adults and their children under 18 years of age, living in the same house).


Clinica La Marina.

Clinica La Marina

Just a quick note to thank everyone at Clinica La Marina for being there, What we do without Dr Pepa, Linda, Teresea, and Heike.
Thank you all for everything – I just dont know what we would do without all your expertise.

I have been a member of the clinic for a few years now, and I have to say had it not been for Dr Pepa my Mum for one would not have lived as long as she did, against all odds she survived 9 months instead of the 4 weeks the hospital said she would.

My husband may have had full blown cancer had it not been for Dr Pepa sending him to the IMED, and I may have had a nervous breakdown. You are all wonderful people –
have a lovely Christmas and Happy new Year from a very happy client xxxxx


La Marina BEACH is a 7 minute car drive away from La Marina Urbanisation and there is a regular bus service JULY AND AUG.

The beach has soft white sand and is backed by a pine forest offering plenty of shade. It has several beach bars open during the summer and there is also a restaurant, where you can dine overlooking the Meditteranean.

Clinica La Marina

Mon to Fri 09.00 TO 13.00.

Sat 10.00 till 13.00

Clinica La Marina, C/Madrid 1, Urb Marina, 03177
 San Fulgencio (Alicante) Tel : 96-679-6380

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Urb Marina, San Fulgencio , 03177, Alicante, Spain
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Clinica La Marina,Calla Madrid 1,Urb Marina, 03177, San Fulgencio (Alicante) Tel: 96-679-6380

Clinica La Marina The very popular private Doctors Practice

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