Solar Panel Cleaning

Cleaning Solar Panels now tips for a better result☀

Mandatary Cleaning Solar Panels

Cleaning Solar Panels Here are 3 videos showing giving tips for you are well worth watching just in case you by mistake cause any damage to your investment💚

How To Clean Solar Panels | Like a Pro!

I’ll show you How To Clean Solar Panels like a pro so you can improve the efficiency of your investment by Cleaning Solar Panels.

For those of you with a sloped roof, I recommend staying in one spot and using the water fed pole brush I use in the video.

You also use an extension pole for your squeegee or just skip this step all together.

Cleaning solar panels can be dangerous so exercise caution and good judgment.

Here are the tools I recommend for the cleaning solar panels:

Water fed pole brush, Solar glass cleaner – ,Expandable hose – Squeegee –

Tips For Cleaning Your Solar Panels | Know Your Solar

Tips For Cleaning Solar Panels

So you’ve just had your solar installed and now you want to know how to clean them.

We recommend a professional as cleaning solar panels, involves a dangerous combination of slippery roof, high voltage DC electricity as well as water.

BUT… If you’re an avid DIYer, you’ll want to watch this video where Mark explains (demonstrates) all the costly mistakes you’ll want to avoid when you’re attempting to clean your solar panels yourself.

Thanks for watching, if you got something out of it, be sure to like and subscribe before you go. We’ve got lots of other videos in this “Know Your Solar” series.

So immerse yourself in our other videos and you’ll come out an expert in Cleaning Solar Panels.

How To Clean Your Solar Panels

Cleaning Solar Panels

Cleaning Solar Panels

Congratulations on going solar!

Whether your installation occurred last week or many years ago, it is important to know how to keep the panels clean to maximize production and cost savings.

While rain is helpful in keeping the system clean, it is recommended that you clean the array(s) every few years.

It is especially important if you live in an area with a lot of dust, pollen, birds, leaves, pine needles, or if there has been a recent fire.

Moreover, you can check your system’s production to determine whether it is time to clean the panels.

Consider contacting the manufacturer or the installer for specific cleaning instructions.

Please keep in mind that panels can be very hot during the middle of the day so cleaning in the morning or evening is suggested.

Cleaning Solar Panels Professional Cleaning

The best and most convenient way to clean your system is to hire a professional cleaning service.

As solar has grown around the world, so have auxiliary services like panel washing companies.

Cleaning Solar Panels Do It Yourself

If you feel comfortable getting on your roof, you can clean the system yourself.

A hose and a non-abrasive rag will suffice when Cleaning Solar Panels.

Using distilled or deionized water is best but municipal water works fine.

Using soap isn’t recommended as it can leave a film or residue that not only shades panels, but it can also encourage dirt to stick and build up faster.

The most important thing is to not scratch the glass!

Another critical note is that spraying cold water on hot glass can lead to cracking so make sure to clean in the morning or in the evening when temperatures are lower.

Cleaning Solar Panels

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Cleaning Solar Panels

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