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Boar Hunting in the western part of Andalusia Spain

Local Boar Hunting in Huelva

Boar Hunting Huelva is a province of southern Spain, in the western part of Andalusia. It is bordered by Portugal, the provinces of Badajoz, Seville, and Cádiz, and the Atlantic Ocean.a  boar hunting area.

Monteando en Huelva/ Hunting in Huelva (Spain)  boar hunting

In the villages of the province of Huelva (Spain) the boar hunt is a tradition that has been able to kept generation after generation.

Boar Hunting Spain

Boar Hunting Spain

Boar Hunting Animals Hunted in the Huelva area

Spanish ibex (cabra hispanica) are a unique species in the world. They are famous in this area and highly ranked in the local hunting trophies..

Deer is also abundant in the area, especially in the Sierra Morena. Fallow deer (ciervo) are found in Donana, La Almoraima and the Sierras of Cazorla and Segura. Roebucks (corzo) are found in some parts of the Sierra Morena, Serania de Ronda, as well as in the hills of Jerez and in La Almoraima.

The wildboar (javali) is on the increase due to a lack of natural enemies in the area. Fox (zorro) and rabbit (conejo) are also plentiful as well as, to a lesser degree, hare (liebre) which is generally found in the fertile lowlands of Sevilla and Cordoba.

Bringing your gun to Huelva in Spain

Bringing your shotgun to Huelva for boar hunting in Spain from abroad is permitted, provided you obtain an international permit as an extension to your existing shotgun certificate, which can be obtained through your local issuing police authority.

The permit takes the form of an arms license, type E and can be obtained if the applicant :

Has no criminal record
Does a sport needing a shotgun
Passes a psychophysical and theory test proving knowledge of the arms and current regulations.
Passes the practical arms handling test

It is also advisable to contact airlines and customs offices prior to trying to cross borders with your shotgun for current details of necessary paperwork. Do this fairly well in advance if you possible can.

Albergue Inturjoven Huelva Boar Hunting
Albergue Inturjoven Huelva

Albergue Inturjoven Huelva Avda Marchena Colombo, 14, 21004 Huelva, Spain Score from 207 reviews: Good 7.9 1 person is looking at this hostel.

The modern Albergue Inturjoven Huelva is situated near Moret Park, around 600 metres from Huelva Cathedral.

It offers both shared and private rooms, all with air conditioning and en suite bathroom. More…  Ideal for Boar Hunting

Albergue Rural Territorio del Gato

Bungalows Albergue David Park Boar Hunting

El Rompido (11.7 km from Huelva)

Set 4 km from Nuevo Portil’s beaches and within the Cartaya province, Albergue Rural Territorio del Gato is surrounded by vast pine forest. 1 person is looking at this hostel. More  ideal spot for  boar hunting to stay at.

Animal Hunting Contacts for Huelva

Plata de Caballo, 28870 Escacen a del Campo, Huelva. Tel. 954 768 883


San Xavier Comunidad de Bienes, C. de San Juan del Puerto, s/n, 21640 Zalamea la Real, Huelva. Tel. 959 508 327.

Above is the List of the eight local Hotels possible for Boar Hunting

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Boar Hunting Spain

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