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Asturias  known as the ‘Spanish Switzerland ‘ or ‘Green Spain’ due to its lush countryside and high mountainous areas. In reality the landscape here varies enormously.

Spanish Switzerland

This area is known as the ‘Spanish Switzerland ‘ or ‘Green Spain’ due to its lush countryside and high mountainous areas.

In reality the landscape here varies enormously. Around 30% of the area consists of protected countryside. People in this area are very kind and generous, they will make the visitor feel right at home.

They are always thankful for the visit, they put their best foot forward and show an interest in helping the visitor to find his way around.

Hotel Asturias

Hotel Asturias

is set on Plaza Mayor, next to San Lorenzo Beach and the marina. This listed building is located in Gijón’s old town.

Wake to a nice view from your private balcony which may look over Gijón’s main plaza or face the sea.

Take the short walk down to the coast where you will find the golden sands of San Lorenzo beach and waters that are good for both swimming and water sports such as surfing. Alternatively, soak up the sunshine and enjoy the fresh air.

This area is served by Ranon Airport (OVD), 40 kilometres from Oviedo, near the northwest coast and the industrial town of Avilés.

Spain’s national RENFE rail network also serves Asturias well; trains regularly depart to and from the Spanish interior.

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Oviedo: Capital of Asturias


Asturias Spain Snow Waves Mountain Picos de Europa.

The Force of Nature.

In a land not too far away, in the middle of the north coast of Spain a brave region named Asturias stands still caught between the endless ocean and the impressive Picos de Europa mountains natural forces shape the landscape the valleys and the coast.

Through wind, snow, rain and waves the force of Nature shapes the beauty of this area

Loads and loads of space for utter privacy, would make a fantastic very private home or private hang out, being nearly the size of two football pitches.

on plots of 10,000 m2 building restrictions are far less stringent than on Plots under 10,000.

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Qigong and Meditation Retreat in Spain

Join Dragonfly Chi Kung for 7 relaxing days at their unique mountain retreat to meditate, detox, and practice Qigong.

After the pandemic, you owe it to yourself to relax, detox, and breathe.

Feel the presence of Mother Earth below your feet, feel her warmth, feel her Chi, fill your Tan Tien and circulate your meridians, feel the essence of the earth, her consciousness.

Tap into your inner self and experience your true potential. Learn and practice several types of Qigong and meditation. Above all, relax and enjoy it.

Chi Kung, also known as Qigong, is an ancient system of exercise, which has been widely practiced in China and throughout Asia for many thousands of years.

Because of its ease and incredible effectiveness, it is becoming clear that Chi Kung is the perfect cure and answer to the western problems of stress, exhaustion, constant sickness, and feelings of hopelessness.

Within Chi Kung, you can find your true self, be healthy, happy, relaxed, and confident.

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