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Burgos Castila and Leon Home of El Cid Campeador, the birthplace of El Cid is just ten kilometers north of the city of Burgos. The statue of El Cid on horseback is located in Burgos,at the bridge of St. Pablo, by the sculptor, Juan Cristobal.

Burgos monumental – Ciudad, Cid, Catedral

Situated on the river Arlanzon

Burgos, situated on the river Arlanzon, possesses one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals on Earth where one can also find the grave of the famous Spanish national hero of the era of the Spanish Reconquista, Rodrigo Diaz “el Cid Campeador”, and his wife.

The most popular part of the Road to Santiago, the “French Way”, passes Burgos, and that’s why many pilgrims characterize the cityscape.

Home of El Cid Campeador, the birthplace of El Cid is just ten kilometers north of the city of Burgos. The statue of El Cid on horseback is located in Burgos, at the bridge of St. Pablo, by the sculptor, Juan Cristobal.

Burgos Castila

The Camino de Santiago passes through the city.

Founded in the 9th century, Burgos was the capital of the kingdom of Castile and León from 1035 until 1560.

In 1833 it became the capital of the province. During the Spanish civil war (1936-39), Burgos was the seat of the Nationalist government of Francisco Franco until the capture of Madrid at the end of the war.

Of all the monument in Burgos, the famous cathedral dominates the city. It is one of the greatest examples of Gothic style in Spain. The construction of the cathedral began in 1221. The tomb of El Cid and his wife rest within the cathedral.

The Meson El Cid Hotel

Burgos Castila

Located opposite Burgos’s famous cathedral, the Meson El Cid hotel is a classic-style hotel with elegant rooms, with great views of this beautiful, historical city.

The location of this hotel was excellent, with a fantastic view of the cathedral and literally just a few minutes walk to the main shops, river, restaurants etc. Breakfast in the room was excellent value for money.

Being able to park in a secure private car park was important to us, and worth every penny extra we paid.… More
— Barbara (Marbella, ES)

El Cid: The Conqueror

Burgos Castila

El Cid tells the story of the later life of one of history’s greatest warriors, El Cid.

As Spain was undergoing chronic warfare from the wave of Islam sweeping into the Christian nation, small kingdoms were carved out of the land. ‘

The Cid’ was instrumental in the quest to unify Spain under one ruler.

Banished by his own King, El Cid continued to bring victories in the name of his Lord and would fight with and against both Christian and Muslim.

In this tale, the events leading up to the Cid’s attempts at unification and his success at Valencia are covered as well as the enduring legend of his last ride into combat.

Written by Gary Reed, known for his forays into historical works such as Zulunation, Jack the Ripper, and his tales of the immortal, Saint Germaine, the saga is rendered in full paintings by noted historical illustrator, Wayne Reid. Issue 1 of 2.

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Map of Spanish Counties

Burgos Castila and Leon

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