Sumo Wok Benimar Chinese Buffet near Rojales

Sumo Wok Benimar

Sumo Wok Benimar Spain is one of the popular Asian Buffet Restaurants located in the area.
Sumo Wok, Chinese Buffet, C/Ramon Y Cajal, Benimar 03178, Alicante
Tel 966 714 088 or 688 025 043

new entry Sumo WokMine hosts at the Wok are Husband and wife ‘ front of house ‘ team Bruce and Fang , they work tirelessly and always provide a genuinely warm welcome to old and new customers.

14-Inch Cast Iron Wok Set (Pre-Seasoned), Glass Lid & Silicone Hot Handle Holders
by Crucible Cookware

4.5 out of 5 stars
Price: £47.97 + delivery
Material Cast Iron
Brand Crucible Cookware
Diameter 14 Inches
Colour Black
Is oven safe Yes
About this item
14” (36 cm) diameter cast iron wok with flat bottom diameter 6.3″ (16 cm), a glass lid with a vent hole, 2 silicone hot handle holders.
Used to sear, bake, broil, fry or grill in oven, on the stove, on the grill or over the campfire.

Sumo Wok Benimar

This large establishment operates as a help yourself buffet with a large selection of Chinese dishes which are constantly refreshed and always plentiful and hot.

wok-food Sumo Wok BenimarThe second half of the food area is devoted to chilled uncooked food with separate sections for fish , meat and vegetables. Here you select as much as you wish and take to the chef who with a large hot plate and Wok will cook to order and with a choice of 10 different sauces.

wok-food-2 Sumo Wok Benimar The variety on offer is amazing and being a buffet , you can return as many times as you wish.

There are many deserts to chose from and you will normally be offered a free glass of Snaps.

Go there,sit down,it’s your seat for the night,fantastic food,lovely staff,prices are fantastic it’s a must .

Happy Garden Good value very popular

Sumo Wok Benimar Entertainment.

In the Summer months is Tuesday evening and Thursday evening. Peter is on Thursdays and Cherry K on Tuesdays

Peter G Sumo Wok Benimar  cherry-k-hillside Sumo Wok Benimar






 Asian Wok Dishes CLICK HERE

Sumo Wok Benimarasian wok foodYou do not have to train at a culinary art school to learn how to cook delicious Asian wok dishes. In fact, all you actually need to do is to gather up your ingredients, prepare them ahead, and fire up that wok so you can stir fry them to perfection.

Of course, it does take some practice to really get the kind of textures and flavors that suit your personal taste, but with these recipes you will find the learning process to be quite smooth and even enjoyable.

From these 50 wok dishes you can choose whichever dish to prepare for your meal of the day, including:

Sumo Wok Benimar Vegetable Dishes

Maybe you are craving for Thailand’s Pahk Boong Fai Daeng, a simple spicy spinach dish. Or perhaps you are in the mood for the Asian fusion Channa Dal and Chinese Flowering Cabbage. Better yet, stir fry a variety of vegetable dishes with your wok for a full on array of sides.

Noodle and Rice Dishes

When you think wok cooking, images of succulent noodles and aromatic rice immediately enter your mind. You have so much to choose from, such as Malaysian Hot Egg Noodles, Hong Kong Lo Mein, or Chinese-Style Breakfast Fried Rice.

Fish and Seafood Dishes

If you are a fan of savory prawns, tender fish, or simmering scallops, then look no further than what is in store for you here. Try the Soba Noodles and Scallops in Dashi Broth, Halibut in Tau Cheo Sauce, or Prawn Laksa for a rich and hearty wok cooked seafood feast.

Meat Dishes

Finally, for some tender and seasoned beef, pork, and chicken, whip out your wok to stir fry Sichuan Pork, Sweet and Sour Chicken, or Thai Musaman Beef Curry. The variety will keep your taste buds from getting bored for days!

So, if you’ve got a wok in the kitchen, all you have to do is start!

Victoria 11 Chinese Restaurant Consum Square

Rojales Caves the caves located in the hills south of the town

Rojales Caves The Caves Rojales ‘Cuevas del Rodeo’ CAVES-SIGN-2 Caves Rojales Sumo Wok Benimarthey are situated on the hillside above the town, alongside the primary school and are signposted ‘Cuevas del Rodeo’ from many points in this Spanish town.


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Sumo Wok Benimar

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