Mosquito Problems A few hints and tips for you Solve with an easy trap system

Mosquito Problems Solved

Mosquito Problems Hate Mosquitos? This Easy Trick Will Stop Them From Ruining Your Summer Nights! . Selection of Spanish Gardening guides for you.

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If you’re a fan of mosquitos, raise your hand… nobody? Didn’t think so.

Mosquito bites itch, leave marks, and they can also spread diseases. In theory, we can wipe out mosquitos but alas, we need them as they are an important part of our ecosystem.

Apparently, fish and other insects feed on them and you know how that whole chain reaction thing goes.

So how do we go about our lives coexisting with these annoying bloodsuckers? The internet has your soon-to-be-mosquito-bite-free back! Check out this surprisingly simple trick to help keep the mosquitos away.

Mosquito Problems

Needless to say, this trap attracts mosquitos so you’ll want to place it away from you.

Plant against mosquitoes Mosquito Problems

I see that many residents want the Mayor to instigate spraying for mosquitos and he has displayed some reluctance to do so.

I agree that mozzies are a nuisance, but there are also some alternatives to spraying…
A healthy bat will eat up to 600 mosquitos and moths (the latter will lay eggs that will turn into caterpillars) every hour. Some blocks in the urb has a “green area” in the middle and this would be an ideal place to boost the bat population.

If a population of 5 – 10 could be introduced in a green area that will mean that the insects would be reduced by around 10k every night. Locally this means instant and noticable difference.

However, they do need a little help…they need shelter and a safe place to breed. Making such a shelter/house is easy and cheap, here’s a deluxe version:…/how…/intro/0,,20165965,00.html
They don’t have to hang on a wall (you may have a problem with urine/droppings).

A tree will not work, to easy for cats to get to them and branches makes it difficult to take- off and land. A straigth pole will do nicely.
I’m not very “green”, but this makes sense – it’s cheap, it works and it’s fun to watch them while having an after-dinner mosquito-free drink on the patio!

This link is well worth a look at  Mosquito Killing Ovitrap

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