Stevia cuttings in Pots

Stevia Rebaudiana a Sugar Substitute easy to grow useful information

Stevia rebaudiana

Stevia rebaudiana also known as candyleaf sweetleaf or sugarleaf Best method for propagation is via cuttings. Stevia is used as a sugar substitute in most of the developed world

The flowers are white with light purple accents and no fragrance.

Plants produce fruit which is ribbed spindle-shaped. Stevia prefers sandy-like soil.


The plant prefers warm, moist and sunny conditions.

Stevia rebaudiana

Stevia plant grows two-four feet in height with slender, branched stems, and flourishes nicely all above the temperate, and some parts of tropical areas.

Nursery raising from cuttings

Plants can be raised by vegetative means using stem cuttings of 10-15 cm height with 4-6 nodes.

The cuttings should be taken from actively growing plants during mild weather avoiding extreme cold or hot months.

Lower leaves of the cuttings are trimmed and the cuttings are planted in the bed keeping one node inside the soil.

These cuttings should be raised under partial shade and high humidity for fast root development.

Water should be sprinkled on daily basis till root formation occurs, which takes 10-15 days.

The rooted cuttings are then transferred to sleeves filled with soil, sand and FYM mixture (1:1:1 ratio). These cutting raised plants need to be irrigated twice a week or as per the requirement

As a sweetener
When extracts of its leaves are processed into a powder, stevia is used as a sugar substitute in most of the developed world

How to Grow Stevia Plants in Containers!

Stevia or Sugar Leaf is an awesome plant to grow for its intense sweetness!

So I’m going to be showing you how to plant stevia for growing in containers!

In this video I’ll be quickly discussing the soil nutrition requirements, pests and diseases, how to plant stevia and when to harvest.

Daforto Stevia Tablets Refill Package, 2000 Tablets

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100% natural sweetener. a great sugar substitute. sweet, clean and natural flavour.

Stevia has no calories, a zero glycemic index, no carbs!, no artificial ingredients, no effect on blood sugar.

Enjoy natural-origin sweetness while reducing calories as part of a healthful, balanced diet.

Stevia doesn’t add calories. Unlike many other sugar substitutes, stevia is derived from a plant.

Stevia plant | Stevia rebaudiana

The use of Stevia as culinary herb was known to the native Guarani tribes of Paraguay since centuries.

Current scientific trials firmly set up that this sweetleaf herb has, indeed, significantly overall health benefiting plant-derived phytochemical compounds that help manage blood sugar, cholesterol, blood strain in addition to its worth as an all-natural sweetener.

Together with the rise in demand for minimal-calorie food options, stevia has drawn the attention of well being-conscious fitness lovers all in excess of the planet.

Stevia is a small perennial herb belonging to the Asteraceae family, in the genus Stevia.

Its scientific name is Stevia rebaudiana.

Some typically referred names are honey leaf plant, sweet chrysanthemum, sweetleaf stevia, sugarleaf, etc.

Stevia plant grows two-four feet in height with slender, branched stems, and flourishes nicely all above the temperate, and some parts of tropical areas.

It is becoming cultivated on a commercial scale in Japan, China, Thailand, Paraguay, and Brazil. Today, China is the leading exporter of stevia products.

Almost all the components of the plant taste sweet; however, the sweet glycosides are typically concentrated in its dark green serrated leaves.

The Guarani Indians of Paraguay have utilised its leaves to sweeten drinks and food items, and employed in different classic medicines.

In the present day instances, it is utilised in food items in many components India, East Asian areas, and South American nations.

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