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Spanish Historical Facts ABOUT SPAIN some you might be unaware of


Spanish Historical Facts HISTORICAL FACTS ABOUT SPAIN that you may not have known about Spain has been inhabited over the centuries by numerous civilisations

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A few Spanish Historical Facts ABOUT SPAIN that you may not have known…

1.- Spain has been inhabited by numerous civilizations.

The Tartessians, Iberians, Celts, Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs.

2.- Spain had territories on all continents. The Spanish empire was the third largest in the world after the Mongol Empire in the 13th century and the Russian Empire at the end of the 19th century.

See the rise and fall of the Spanish Empire from the unification of Castile and Aragon up to the modern day.

It began at the end of the 15th century with the Catholic Monarch and the discovery of America, reaching its peak with Felipe II.

It was then that the Kingdom of Spain came to control territories located on five continents.

3.- Madrid was not always the capital of Spain.-

It was also Toledo between 1519 and 1561.- Valladolid between 1601 and 1606.- Seville between 1729 and 1733.- Cadiz, San Fernando and Seville during the Peninsular War (1808 to 1814).- Valencia, Barcelona, Girona and Figueres for the Republican side during the Spanish Civil War and Burgos for the Nationalist side at the end of the war.

4.- Spain remained neutral during the two world wars.
In the first, it had no resources and in the second, it had just come out of its own civil war.

However, in Cuacos de Yuste (Extremadura) there is a German cemetery with 180 graves dedicated to the soldiers who fell on Spanish soil during the two world wars. 26 of them were soldiers from the First World War and the remaining 156 fought under the orders of Adolf Hitler during the Second World War.

So, we say it wasn’t involved as a country, but certain divisions were created and sent off the battle.

5.- Three kings under the age of ten have reigned the country.
From the 17th century to the present day, three kings under the age of ten have reigned in Spain: Carlos II, Alfonso XIII and Isabel II.

6.- One of Spain’s darkest eras was the Inquisition.

Ugly History: The Spanish Inquisition – Kayla Wolf

Established in 1478 by the Catholic Monarch, this institution, designed to maintain Catholic orthodoxy in their kingdoms, was not abolished until 1834.
At first it persecuted Judeo-Converts, then Protestants and Moors, and in general anyone who did not profess the Catholic faith. All of them were tortured or burnt at the stake.

The first Inquisitor General of Castile and Aragon was Torquemada, who is credited with numerous acts in which false converts were burned alive.

The irony is that he was of Jewish descent. Indeed a very dark time in our history. Follow our page to stay updated on any new posts!Spanish historical facts 🇪🇸

Spanish historical facts
Speechless in Spain


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Spanish historical facts

Spanish Historical Facts

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