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Visiting Campania

Campania Camper Van sites Campania is the most-visited of Italy’s southern regions. Encompassing Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Cilento, Caserta The best time to visit for hot weather and sea life lovers is from May to September.

Discover the Treasures of Italy’s Campania Region from Naples

Campania Camper Van sites

Jan 2021 Naples serves as the gateway to the stunning Campania region, home to Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast and Campania Camper Van sites.

Watch the video above to learn more about the amazing places accessible from this charming port.

Campania is the most-visited of Italy’s southern regions.

Encompassing Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Cilento, Caserta and more, it is not hard to understand the draw this area has had for modern and ancient travellers alike.

Explore the Roman and Greek influences at ancient sites of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Paestum and you will be transported back in history several thousand years.

Caserta’s more modem palace – one that rivals Versailles – also deserves a visit.

Don’t miss Campania’s natural wonders along the coast in the mountains, campervan Italy including the national park of Cilento.

Campania Camper Van sites

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Camping Residence Nettuno Naples

The Camping Site campervan Italy
Camping Nettuno is the only campsite on the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Peninsula located directly on the beach .
It offers tents caravans and campers places a few meters from the sea (the last tents place is just 5 meters from the beach), with private access to a free and private beach with services .
The toilets consist of shower blocks and toilets for women, men and the disabled.
Hot water available free of charge (no coin validators). The Nettuno camping

Naples, south of Rome in the Campania region, is the third largest city in Italy and has a lot to offer to the traveler Campania Camper Van sites.

We have suggestions on how to plan and enjoy your travels to Naples, Italy.

Sorrento Travel and Tourism Information

Local Santa Fortunata Sorrento

Santa Fortunata camping Sorrento

Local Campania Camper Van sites

Address: Via Capo, 39/a, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy Hours: Open 24 hours · More hours Phone+39 081 807 3579

Campania Camper Van sites Italy

Campania Camper Van sites

Perched on the terraced hillside above Sorrento harbour and surrounded by olive, lemon, oak and poplar trees you will find Campania Camper Van sites.

Soak up the magnificent views of the boats heading off to Capri and the Amalfi coast and take advantage of the small rocky private beach, accessible from the site, where you can snorkel in the crystal clear sea.

Campania Camper Van


Amalfi Coast campervan Italy

The Amalfi Coast is the region of Italy’s coastline located just south of Naples. The Amalfi Coast contains the famous coastal resort towns of Amalfi, Positano and Ravello.

Agriturismo Mare e Monti Winery Rooms Camping Tents Van Campers


Campania Camper Van sites
Campania Camper Van sites

Save Call4.469 Google reviewsCHECK AVAILABILITY Address: Via Trugnano, 3, 84010 Tramonti SA, Italy Hours: Open 24 hours Phone+39 089 876665 ProvinceProvince of Salerno

Via Trugnano 3, 84010 Tramonti (SA), Italy

+39 89 876665 – +39 340 6168643


Parking area for campers and tents, with controlled entrance (bar);
Night lighting on the pitch; drinking water supply n. 2 sockets;
electrical connection 220 vn 4 columns; toilets n. 2;
Showers n.2 also equipped with hot water;
availability of sink-washtub for linen and cloths; availability of sink for cutlery and crockery;
Drainage well for black and gray water; free Wi-Fi connection.


Campania Camper Van Benevento

Sorrento is perched upon on a tufa ridge about 13 miles south of Napoli, on the southern side of the Gulf of Naples. Sorrento offers a mild and temperate climate. The best time to visit for hot weather and sea life lovers is from May to September.

Benevento Travel and Tourist Information

Benevento is a historic town in the Campania region, about 50km from Naples.

Here is travel and tourist information for Benevento, including historic sites, hotels, and transportation.

Camper area of ​​Beneventos

Campania Camper Van sites.
Campania Camper Van sites

 (BN) – Via Domenico Mustilli 59
Phone +39 338 4990889 OR +39 320 1664882
Send an e-mail to the property
N 41.131370, E 14.789510
Equipped area managed by the Sannio Camper Club of Benevento, closed with a gate, illuminated, with loading and unloading, about 50 seats.

Located about 300m from the city center and shopping centers.

Separate waste collection.

Reservation recommended.

Benevento is a town and comune of Campania, Italy, capital of the province of Benevento, 50 km northeast of Naples.

It is situated on a hill 130 m (300 ft) above sea-level at the confluence of the Calore Irpino (or Beneventano) and Sabato. It is also the seat of a Catholic archbishop.

Places to see in ( Benevento – Italy )

Campania Camper Van sites

campervan Italy

Benevento is a beautiful city set in a verdant environment and surrounded by the Campanian Apennines, between the rivers Sabato and Calore.

According to some sources, the city was founded by the Greek Diomedes after the destruction of Troy.

The first documented sources date from the fifth century BC, the period of the Samnite wars.

The Samnite populations resisted for a long time against the Roman incursions, nonetheless they finally surrendered in 268 BC when the Romans founded their colonies.

However, the Romans recognized the magnitude of the inhabitants of that Maleventum that, renamed Beneventum was also gloriously represented onto a number of important Roman monuments as the Arch of Trajan and the Bridge Leproso.

Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, Benevento was first conquered by the Goths and then by the Byzantines.

In 571 it was the turn of the Lombards who, led by Zottone, conquered the city once again.

The Lombard domination lasted for about five centuries, and in 1077 the city came under papal rule.

1266 was the year of the battle between Manfred and Charles of Anjou which undertakes to return Benevento to the Church.

16th Century

In 1688 a violent earthquake destroyed half city, that was gradually brought back to the ancient splendour at the behest of Pope Benedict XIII.

During the 16th century the city passed under the rule of Frederick IV of Bourbon, and later included into the Neapolitan Republic.

In 1806, the city’s ruled by Napoleon, but in 1860 it was finally annexed to the Kingdom of Italy.

A curiosity: Benevento is also known as the “city of the witches” since when the Lombards arrived in town and introduced some customs, such as dancing around walnut trees, which frightened the Christians of Benevento.

Benevento’s patron is St Bartholomew, which is celebrated on August 24. Benevento is a town rich in artistic and historical attractions.

In the old town center you can visit the splendid Cathedral, built around the twelfth century, and unfortunately bombed in 1943.

The façade is open by blind arches and balcony above, where there are Roman fragments, Lombard graves and various sculptures.

Remarkable is the bell tower that dates back to 1279, while the interior comes with five aisles.

Roman Theatre

Do not miss a visit to the ruins of the Roman Theatre, commissioned by the Emperor Hadrian, now still well preserved and used for various theatrical performances. L ‘Arc of Trajan was erected to celebrate the extension of the Via Appia from Benevento to Brindisi.

On the side facing the city are recounted scenes of good governance and works of peace.

On the external front, there depictions of military scenes about the imperial policies in the provinces.

Do not miss the Church of St Sofia, once ancient Benedictine abbey founded by the Lombards, which has a solid structure and a 12th-century portal.

Rocca dei Rettori’s worth a visit: erected in 1321 at the behest of Pope Giovanni XXII. It’s divided into three large floors that house the Museo del Sannio.

To complete the visit of Benevento Leproso recommend a walk to the bridges Leproso and Valentino located just outside the city.

Also do not miss the Villa dei Papi, mansions built between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries and the baroque Church of San Bartolomeo. ( Benevento – Italy ) is well know as a tourist destination because of the variety of places you can enjoy while you are visiting Benevento .

Through a series of videos we will try to show you recommended places to visit in Benevento – Italy

Campania Camper Van

Capri – Travel Information in the Isle of Capri – Italy Capri is an island off the Sorrentine peninsula in the Italian region of Campania and a tourist favorite. Capri has two cities to visit: Capri and Anacapri, as well as the Grotta Azzurra or Blue Grotto. You can get to capri by ferry and hydrofoil from Naples or Sorrento.

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Campania Camper Van sites

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