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Camping For Free In Italy (Ovada, Aqua Terme, Mombarcaro)

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Italy has a good network of area sosta (camper service areas).

These provide free or low-cost camper-van camping in almost all towns as well as rural spots.

Some areas are service points only and do not permit overnight stay and then there are areas which permit (or tolerate) overnight parking where there might be no service whatsoever.

In France, they are called ‘aires de service’ and there’s an even bigger network than in Italy.

Note that the standard Area Sosta is not suitable for tent campers.

Some of the Area Sosta is paid for and even privately run.

Others are run by the local municipalities and are used as a gateway to encourage tourism to the area.

If it’s charged for it’s usually very cheap and we have found these ranging in price from Free to 8 EUR per day.

Usually, the following is provided: – Off-street parking area – Means of disposal of grey water and chemical toilets – Water fill point – Electrical hookup (not everywhere though and usually at a fee)


Central Italy Umbria region campsites

Umbria campsites region is steeped in History perfect road trip area it is in central Italy known as the green heart of Italy come try Exquisite Italian food and wines

Camper Van sites in the area of Venice

Venice Italy Camper parks
Camper info Italy

Venice Camper Parks area in Italy camper Van and RV sites where they are situated Venice is the ideal base from which to explore this region for camp sites

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Lake Garda Campervan Come Escape to the lake

Lake Garda Italy
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Campervan sites Lake Garda

Lake Garda Campervan Province of Verona, Veneto, Italya So, book your spot today and prepare to discover fine living in all its glory! Great riding, delicious food, and spectacular views are all included


CamperVan Sites Yoga and Meditation Retreats in Italy

Calabria Camper Van Sites
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Calabria actually forms the toe of the Italian boot Very much a favourite of Italian holidaymakers, it has two coast lines often said that this is the region that Italy does not want you to know about.


Apulia Camper sites Sunny relaxed Italy South East peninsula

Apulia Italy Camper sites

Apulia Camper sites Puglia the “heel” of Italy the South-East peninsula reaching out into the Adriatic and Ionian seas come explore camper sites


Sardinia Camping sites Italy
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Sardinia CamperVan sites a large island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, between Spanish Balearic islands and the Italian peninsula and south of Corsica. It is a favorite holiday destination region of Italy.


Campania Camper Van sites Popular Sothern Italy

Visiting Campania

Campania Camper Van sites Campania is the most-visited of Italy’s southern regions. Encompassing Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Cilento, Caserta The best time to visit for hot weather and sea life lovers is from May to September.

Campania Camper Van Sites Italy
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Liguria Camping Popular Sun drenched RV rig sites

Liguria Italy Camper Van Sites
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Camper Van and camping Holidays in Liguria

Liguria camping camper Van Enjoy wonderful vacation holiday camping site situated at the coast offer you unforgettable beach vacations the northwest of Italy


Campers Sicily

Sicily Italy Camper parks
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Sicily Campers the largest of the Mediterranean Islands, comprises a number of satellite minor islands popular campers destination



Camper info Italy

This week we finally reach the Ligurian coast of Italy and are happy to discover that despite the fact that beaches are already ‘closed’ for the season, summer is still in the air!

Our few nights at Mombarcaro were a wonderful and nostalgic experience, but you can sense our excitement as we venture on to explore new places and travel all along the beautiful coast of Liguria, Italy – ever in search of the next gelato of course!

This also includes having to make a couple of emergency u-turns (in rather tight spaces) thanks to google maps directing us through a steep and narrow ravine definitely not intended for campers…but this is all just part of the fun, right?!

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Motorhome parking at Gradisca d’Isonzo, Italy

Camper info Italy

This film introduces the motorhome parking at Gradisca d’Isonzo in north eastern Italy.

Gradisca is an outstanding, attractive town with 500 year old Venetian walls.

It is located on the beautiful Isonzo river and is close to the Karst (Carso) Plateau, noted as being a battlefield in WW1 from 1915-`1917.

This town is one of the most attractive places I have visited and I thoroughly recommend it!

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INTERESTING LIST of books on Campersites Go Motorhoming and Campervanning: Motorhome and Camper Van Guide (In Europe).

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