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Umbria campsites region is steeped in History

Central Italy Umbria region campsites

Umbria campsites region is steeped in History perfect road trip area it is in central Italy known as the green heart of Italy come try Exquisite Italian food and wines

Umbria: Italy’s finest region uncovered😍😍
Local Umbria campsites

Umbria Italy is a perfect road trip region of Italy bordered by the rolling greenery of Tuscany, Le Marche, and Lazio.

Umbria is in central Italy and is known as the green heart of Italy.

Discoer Spoleto Assisi Gubbio Narni Todi Spello and other medieval towns. Characterized by medieval hill towns, gorgeous lakes, and fascinating the most delicious food in Italy, Umbria is perfect, for a road trip.

Exquisite Italian food and wines and you’ve got the essence of this brochure-beautiful region. Umbria truly has it all.


Parking area for motorhomes and camping
Capitello Camping

Via Flaminia km 68
05030 Otricoli (TR) +39 379 180 5729

Umbria campsites
Umbria campsites

Our campsite is located in Umbria in Otricoli in the province of Terni, a few minutes from Orte da Narni.

We are 40 minutes from the Marmore Falls. Just 3.5km from the Magliano Sabina motorway exit of the A1 Rome – Milan motorway.

Umbria campsites


Rio Verde Citta di Castello Perugia


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Umbria campsites
Umbria campsites

Umbria campsites

PERUGIA, Italy Top 5 things to see

Do you want to travel to PERUGIA, in Umbria region (Italy)?

Perugia is the capital of UMBRIA region, the Green Heart of Italy 💚 and the very centre of the country.

In the above travel guide you will find all the information you need to travel to Perugia (top attractions, minimetrò, local food and much more!)

 Perugia is the capital of the landlocked region OF Umbria, which is divided into the provinces of Perugia and Terni (named for their capitals).

Crossed by the Apennines in the east, Umbria is almost entirely mountainous or hilly. The Tiber and the Nera are the main rivers; Lake Trasimeno is in the west.

Farming, mostly on a small scale, is the chief occupation. Cereals, grapes, sugar beets, and olives are grown, and cattle and hogs are raised.

In the 20th cent, industrialization has been facilitated by the construction of several hydroelectric plants, particularly on the Nera at Terni.

Manufactures of the region include chemicals, iron and steel, processed food, and cotton and woolen textiles.

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Tourist Spots

There are a number of popular tourist spots, including Assisi, Spoleto, Perugia, Orvieto, and Castiglione.

The Umbri were among the first inhabitants of the region, settling there by 600 b.c. Knowledge of them is derived mainly from inscriptions found in Umbria, especially the Iguvine Tables discovered (1444) at Gubbio.

There are also many Etruscan remains from a later period.

Umbria was conquered by the Romans in the 3d cent. b.c., and after the fall of Rome it passed to the Goths and then to the Byzantines.

From the 6th to the 11th cent. it was usually included in the powerful Lombard duchy of Spoleto.

In the 12th cent. free communes developed in most cities.

Local autonomy and petty tyrannies prevailed until the 16th cent, when the popes conquered Umbria (except Gubbio); Perugia, the region’s leading city, was the last to fall (1540) under the papacy.

Umbria was held by France from 1798 to 1800 and from 1808 to 1814, when it was restored to the papacy.

There were several revolts (1831, 1848, 1859) against papal rule, and in 1860 the region voted to join the kingdom of Sardinia.

Art has long flourished in the region, and a school of painting (15th–16th cent.) founded by Niccolò da Foligno, included the masters Pinturicchio and Perugino. There is a university at Perugia.

Umbria campsites

Umbria campsites

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