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Sicily Campers largest popular Italian Island

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Sicily Campers the largest of the Mediterranean Islands, comprises a number of satellite minor islands popular campers destination

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Sicily Campers

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Address: Viale Emporium, 94, 92100 Agrigento AG, ItalyAreas served: San Leone and nearby areas Hours: Open 24 hoursPhone+39 0922 411115


Sicily, the largest of the Mediterranean Islands, comprises a number of satellite minor archipelagoes; along its triangular perimeter is an endless number of splendid sea resorts and spots, some of which, as Taormina and Cefalù, renowned across the world.

Mondello, San Vito lo Capo are but other few names.

Along a roughly 1,000 km-long coastline combine tremendous and varied sea landscapes and colours, archaeological and historical sites, a precious geographical diversity, unspoilt sea-beds, all of what have contributed to make Sicily a cradle of tourism.

Most of the resorts are today well-provided with accommodation and tourism facilities.

Sicily Campers


Mons Gibel Camping Park

Address: Via Nicolosi, Strada Provinciale 4/11, 95032 Belpasso CT, ItalyHours: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM Phone+39 389 885 0103 Providers ProvinceMetropolitan city of Catania


Mons Gibel Camping Park

Located at the foot of Mount Etna, the Sicilian Volcano became the fourth Italian natural site of the Unesco Heritage in 2013, it is the camper area on Mount Etna ideal for spending a peaceful holiday in the mountains.

Both in summer and in winter, immersed in nature but a stone’s throw from the mountain villages on the slopes of Etna . 

The strategic position on the provincial road that connects Belpasso and Nicolosi facilitates access all year round and makes Mons Gibel Camping Park a convenient starting point for visits and excursions to the summit, or simply to the surrounding area.

Sicily Campers

For campers, caravans and tents

In a totally new structure ready to welcome you with the simplicity and courtesy typical of a youthful and family management.

The area equipped for campers Mons Gibel Camping Park, arranged on large sunny and shady terraces, offers accommodation to campers, caravans and tents on pitches, whose dimensions vary from 60 to 80 square meters.

All surrounded by greenery and nature, bordered by tall trees and hedges of aromatic plants that perfume, color and refresh the environment in perfect mountain style. 

Each pitch is equipped with a 6 Ampere electrical connection in special columns and a drinking water tap for small water supplies.


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Italy Tour on Sicily Italy- Palermo and more cities

Sicily’s Italy history spans 10,000 years, during a third of which the island suffered through foreign rule by more than 11 different kingdoms.

The dark and reflective gaze of its people, known as the “eyes of Sicily”, reflect its turbulent history and ultimate resilience.

Sicilian is a language as original as Sicily itself, a mishmash of Italian, Greek and Arab influences.

Sicily Campers

The cities of Noto and Ragusa show off grand examples of Baroque architecture, and Caltagirone produces colourful ceramics.

The capital city of Palermo is Sicily’s opera centre, and has several important churches and museums to explore.

Agrigento’s Valley of the Temples, ruins from the original city of Akragas, are rivalled only by Rome’s ancient Forum, and the medieval cities of Taormina, Agrigento, Siracusa, Selinunte and Erice are rife with culture,

History and hidden secrets. Sicily’s oldest and most famous resident, the still-active volcano of Mt. Etna, grumbles and churns regularly, reminding islanders and visitors alike of the tenuous, yet precious, nature of life on an island.

The Italian railroad system, which is owned by the government, provides convenient transportation throughout the country.

Ferries link the principal islands with the mainland, and those that travel between southernmost Italy and Sicily carry trains as well as cars, trucks, and people.

Tourism in Sicily

Sicily offers a wide choice of holiday options spanning archaeological, historical and naturalistic riches.

Evidence for the Island’s multi-millenial history has been provided by many archaeological discoveries over the centuries.

Sites attesting to Sicily’s various colonization’s across the Island are today major attractions for tourists from all over the world: necropolises and relics of Sicani and Siculi, considered to be the earliest settlers; temples and cities of Greeks who here founded the two colonies of Syracuse and Akragas.

Just to name the major, in the 8th century BC; monuments and buildings left by the Romans, the Byzantines, the Arabs and, most of all, the Normans, whose battles against the Arabs, in the 11th century, alas, largely accounted for the irreparable loss of many precious leftovers from the past civilizations.

Sicily is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, with breathtaking landscapes and cities – most of which located along the coast. A choice of tour itineraries allow the visitor to explore and experience the multiple features of this incredible land.

Sicily Campers

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