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Rock Climbing Andalusia on the Costa del Sol area of Spain There are eighty seven climbing routes divided into four areas Plus In addition to these, two more areas have been retrofitted

In all there are eighty seven climbing routes divided into four areas, recently appointed by the specialists of the Andalusian Mountaineering Federation: El Nacimiento, La Higuera, La Huerta and La Carretera.

Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing

Plus In addition to these, two more areas have been retrofitted in part by the Andalusian Federation and whose first kit is the Nescania group.

These areas are: Los Lavaderos and the Pico de la Bandera.
The Area El Nacimiento and La Huerta, due to their size and dispersal routes, have been divided into several sectors to facilitate the location of the already equipped routes and future route openings.

Virtually all of the routes are bolted.
Some do require traditional gear such as nuts and cams.

With the exception of El Chorro the routes are mainly single pitch, with the odd 2 or 3 pitch route available.
The names and the grades are indicated, the ones needing self protection are marked with a red dot. The climbing guide specifies the recommended material.

The access to the climbing areas is easy and fast: fifteen minutes maximum approach.

There are small tour climbs. There are two information boards at the entrance from Malaga shortly after the gas station with information on cycling, hiking and rock climbing.

OurTour on the Caminito del Rey, the King’s Little Path, Near El Chorro in Andalusia, Spain

Rock Climbing

The Caminito del Rey was once a bonkers, all-out death path of a thing.

A disused route embedded high in the sheer cliff faces of a gorge, it was falling apart and needed climbing skills to edge your way along it.

But for the past couple of years a new route’s been opened, which is perfectly safe for most anyone to walk, and it’s become massively popular with tourists. Book early if you fancy doing it!

Rock Climbing in El Chorro (Malaga), Spain

Rock Climbing

A few shots from our climbing trip to El Chorro, Spain and a little story about why climbing is such an awesome sport and a great way to see the world.

By the way, this was shot in the beginning of March and it felt like summer – so if you live in the North, too, and you are craving some sun, you should consider going to Andalusia for a bit of vitamin D πŸ™‚


Rock Climbing

Back from Italy, I felt a great desire to experience my new condition …

I stopped for 6 months with training and 4 months without touching hard routes on rock …

The first day I went on rock-climbiing in search of inspiration, readjustment, and I found this line that attracted me.

I already knew her… by sight. When I saw her for the first time, I did not feel at ease, in that Majestic and barely known sector, I was not yet ready for her.

The second Day in the way back on rock-climbing I was ready! My instinctive desire to own it was so high that the first meters I made them swiftly, decisively, as if I already knew her.

Then my experience stopped me: “don’t ruin everything right away, enjoy it calmly! ” I have studied she a little, I played with she.

Then I abseiled without climbing it all, in fact I think it’s halfway.

The route splits just after that very hard crux where I stopped.

I don’t know the name and even less the rank, neither of one nor of the other way.

The most special thing about the situation is that my wife were belaying me

This is luxury💞 In life only through knowledge and skills can one choose to be Free from common and mediocre patterns that make you suffer the reality of others🌀🔥

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Rock Climbing Andalusia

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