Cabrales Spanish Cheese Asturias Spain

Cabrales Spanish Cheese from Asturias.

Cabrales  All of the milk used in the production of this cheese comes exclusively from herds raised in a small zone of production in Asturias, in the mountains of the Picos de Europa.

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This cheese which is also known as Quesu Cabrales, Queso de Cabrales or Cabraliego, is a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) awarded, Spanish semi-hard, fatty blue cheese, prepared within the administrative region of Cabrales Council and some towns in the Upper Penamerella region. Both these areas are located at the foot of the Picos de Europa Mountains in Asturias.

Queso Cabrales Spanish Cheese from Asturias


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Spanish cheese as a gift: Cabrales. D.O. – 500 gr

(Spanish: queso de Cabrales) is a cheese made in the artisan tradition by rural dairy farmers in the north of Spain.

This cheese can be made from pure, unpasteurised cow’s milk or blended in the traditional manner with goat and/or sheep milk, which lends the cheese a stronger, more spicy flavour

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Queso Cabrales. Quesos de Asturias. Gastronomía asturiana. Vídeos de Asturias.

This cheese is a mixture of raw cows, goats and sheep’s milk aged for between two and four months in natural formed limestone caves.

Chilly and humid conditions in the caves facilitate the growth of bluish-green penicillium mould on this highly prized cheese. Unlike other blue cheeses injected with penicillium, Cabrales cures from the outside of the cheese to the inward.
A finished cheese can be characterized by its strong, penetrating aroma and sharp, acidic, slightly salty taste.

It pairs well with red wine, fresh figs, salami, sweet sherry and dry sausages. The cheese is treasured as a base for sauces, for melting over grilled or roasted meats and goes well along with baguette slices, crackers, or fruit.

Earlier, a traditional this cheese was sold wrapped in moist leaves of Acer pseudoplatanus.

But today regulation requires the cheese be sold in a dark-green-colored aluminum foil with the stamp of the PDO Queso de Cabrales. Careful because when you leave the cheese for too long you get small white worms coming out of it, but this doesn’t stop some eating it!once this hapens.


Cheese Contest

Always held on the last Sunday of Augusta contest of local cheeses were almost no one loses. Being here on competion day ensures you to know the best cheese in situ, the most homogeneous better that the cheese has developed over the year.

The town of Arenas de Cabrales is the place to be as slowly festive and cultural environment in the week before the event, and Sunday processors exhibit their pieces in a competition like no other, which rewards the increasing quality of this cheese and firm hold their origins artisans.

Walking around the festival is a good excuse to nibble here and there. If you’re lucky you might even have tasted the future winning cheese with both coming and going.

A cheese that will be worth its weight in gold and will give a good restaurant famed Principality or country.

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