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Spanish Cheese Listings Guide for Cheese lovers

Local Spanish Cheese Listings from Spanish areas

Spanish Cheese Listings Cheese lovers information on a selection of Local Spanish cheeses from all over Spain.

menorca cheese Spanish Cheese Listings
Menorca Cheese
Mahon Cheese
Also known as ‘Minorcan’ cheese, this fresh cheese is made on the Balearic Islands with raw or pasteurised cow’s milk from the Frisian, ‘Mahonesa’ or ‘Minorcan’, or the Alpine Brown breeds.
Valdeon blue cheese Spanish Cheese Listings
Valdeon Blue Cheese from Leon Valdeon is one of the best known Spanish blue cheeses, from Leon, high in the Picos de Europa mountains. (D.O. Valdeon) Made from a mixture of unpasteurised goat, cows and ewes milk.
Drunken Goat Spanish Cheese Listings
Drunken Goat Spanish cheese
‘Murcia Al Vino’.
Conde-Duque-Cheese Spanish Cheese Listings
La Mancha Cheese from Manchego in Spain
Idiazabel-Cheese-Spain Spanish Cheese Listings
Spanish Idiazabal cheese from the Basque area of Spain
Spanish Idiazabal cheese is produced in the shape of a cylinder, with a smooth and hard natural rind that is pale yellow to amber in colour. The cheese has a compact texture, with a few pinprick holes. It is dry, but not crumbly, and feels pleasantly oily in the mouth.
Goat Cheese Rosemary Spanish Cheese Listings
Spanish Goats Cheese selection
Goat Cheese from Spain Try Goats cheese with paprika or Goat cheese with Rosemary or perhaps a Hamper.

Cabrales Spanish Cheese
Cheese queso cabrales cheese Spanish Cheese Listings

All of the milk used in the production of Cabrales comes exclusively from herds raised in a small zone of production in Asturias, in the mountains of the Picos de Europa.
Queijo-Torta-del-Casar-Cheese Spanish Cheese Listings
Torta del Casar Spanish Cheese  Torta del Casar is a Spanish cheese made from raw sheep’s milk in the Extremadura region, near the Portuguese border.

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 Spanish Cheese Collection – Zabar’s Cheese Plate of the Week.

It’s incredible to think that just five years ago, there were very few Spanish cheeses available in the United States. Perhaps the Spanish wanted to keep them all for themselves. They are THAT good. Try for yourself, with two of Spain’s best cheese accompaniments.

Spain has a large variety of over 100 different cheeses, surpassed by very few countries. Discover the name, geographic origin, varieties and elaboration process of the most representative cheeses of the Spanish Gastronomy.

Spanish Cheese Classification.

When Spain was in the process of joining the European Union it began introducing the “Denominación de Origen” to classify premium food products (much like that of the Spanish wine industry).

Of the more than 100 Spanish cheeses currently in production 27 have been designated as “Denominación de Origen Protegida” (DOP) or “Indicaciones Geográficas Protegidas” (IGP) (Source: Gobierno de España).  Each board regulates the geographical environment, the raw materials and products produced, and the human influence in the finished product.

Finally, each product of a DO is labeled with the DO logo and a number, making each cheese a unique item.

Cooking Spanish Style covering most areas in the Med

Spanish Cheese from Spain.

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Spanish Cheese Listings Cheese lovers information on a selection of Local Spanish cheeses from all over Spain.

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