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La Mancha Manchego firm compact consistency buttery

La Mancha Cheese from Manchego in Spain

La Mancha Manchego has a firm and compact consistency and a buttery texture.The colour of the cheese varies from white to ivory-yellow, and the inedible rind from yellow to brownish beige

La Mancha cheese from the Ciudad Real area is arguably Spain’s most well-known cheese, made in La Mancha with the whole (full-fat) milk of Manchega sheep.

Cheese Spain Index Ideal Presents Wheels of Cheese

Younger versions are aged for about 3 months, but you can find wheels aged for 9 months or longer, at which point they become drier and punchy, with a longer, more resilient finish.

You’ll find examples that are bland and innocuous, but when you’ve happened upon a great producer, you’ll taste only round, meaty flavors and a distinct, creamy bite. Another traditional way of aging the cheese is in olive oil, which produces a rindless, super-dense, and often, rather greasy end product. But the flavour is superb.

Manchego cheese (Non-D.O.) Large round 3kg

Buenalba Cheese
  • Unpasteurised Manchego sheep’s milk cheese
  • Spain’s most famous cheese
  • Gourmet artisan product from Spain
  • A lower priced alternative in our range of Manchego cheeses, this 3kg Manchego is artisan-made using unpasteurised sheeps milk, cured for around 5 months to give it a full flavour and buttery texture with a salty tang.

Manchego Cheese (D.O. La Mancha) Semicured Small round 1kg

  • Unpasteurised 5 months cured sheep’s milk cheese D.O. La Mancha
  • Manchego – Spain’s most famous cheese
  • Gourmet artisan product from Spain
  • A whole 1kg round of artisan-made top-quality Manchego, with a Denomination of Origin (D.O.) from La Mancha, made from unpasteurised ewes milk and cured for around 4-5 months. This is a semi-hard cheese, with a rind bearing the basket weave design typical of cheeses from central Spain. It has a smooth creamy texture, and a mild tanginess combined with a nutty and honeyed flavour. Great with an oaky white Rioja, a Reserva red Rioja or a glass of Amontillado Sherry.

Cured Manchego Cheese, 3 kg wheel

Carpuela Cured Manchego Cheese, 3 kg wheel Our Manchego cheese is 6-9 months matured and comes in a 3kg wheel. This is an artisan cheese made with raw Manchega sheep’s milk. It is produced in La Mancha and carries the the D.O. (Denomination of Origin). This beautiful Manchego was awarded the silver medal in 2008 at the world cheese awards

Menorca Cheese is an ideal present.

Manzano Manchego Goat Cheese Mature 1 kg

  • Goats cheese from La Mancha.
  • Cured, in contrast to the more common fresh goats cheeses.
  • Low in salt and a good choice for those intolerant to cows milk.
  • A matured goats cheese with a firm texture and off-white colour.


Manchego Cheese

The name ” Manchego Cheese” refers to the cheese made in La Mancha region of Spain, using milk from manchega ewes and aged for at least sixty days. Manchego Cheese is made from pasteurized milk or unpasteurized milk if the cheese is hand-mande, from ewes raised by registered Denomination of Origin farms.

Manchego Cheese – Old times

A rather interesting video of how Manchego cheese used to be made.

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