Relleu Town Costa Blanca

Relleu explore now this is an Interesting place to visit

The Town of Relleu SPAIN come explore

Relleu the town is found in the heart of a valley surrounded by the Cabeçó d’Or, the Grana, and the Aguilar mountains. Costa Blanca Come visit try explore Relleu Reservoir route


Camouflaged by a wild landscape of uneven orography, the town of Relleu is found in the heart of a valley surrounded by the Cabeçó d’Or, the Grana, and the Aguilar mountains. Do come explore Relleu

Relleu Footbridge Costa Blanca

Relleu Footbridge SPAIN

10 Aug 2022 RELLEU 17th Century reservoir only 212 meters trip each way on the walkway about twenty minutes walking, the height is more than 60 meters, one end has a glass platform but only for 4 people at a time.

Open June to September, daily 9-1400 and 17.00 – 20.30 Check out full details on the Relleu website: To buy tickets:

Cost for OAP only 1.50€ 11 years up 2.50

This is NOT a place to visit if you are not able to walk properly, or in a wheelchair, there is a lot of rough ground to walk over approximately 2 kilometers.

Rellue Footbridge SPAIN marks the end of the 4.8-kilometre-long Relleu Reservoir route. This is one of the best-kept treasures of this part of Spain Relleu
Do come explore Relleu

Y es un gran pequeño paseo con un desfiladero espectacular al final. Aún mejor, se ha construido una pasarela (una pasarela) justo dentro del desfiladero. Solo se abrió al público este año (2022), por lo que tiene garantizadas vistas aún más espectaculares

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Do come explore Relleu

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