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Ireland Eire home of Guinness beer now come explore

Adventure with Ireland Eire

Ireland Eire Hotels self catering accommodation bed and breakfast Guest Houses private apartments inland and town centre Direct Vacation opportunities Property Rentals all over Ireland  for your next holidays

Find and compare 20+ horse riding holidays in Ireland

Joining a horse riding holiday in Ireland can only mean one thing: you will gallop through secluded landscapes, unable to stop marveling at the grandiose beauty of nature.

On the back of a horse, everything looks good.

From the deep, azure skies to endless green valleys, an Ireland horse riding holiday is definitely a bucket list experience.

Just imagine galloping amidst emerald fields and deep forests, with no worries in mind.

What could be more relaxing? Browse through our many horse riding holidays in Ireland and book your spot today! COME AND BROWSE

County Donagal

county donagal

Irish Rentals Vacations Accommodation.
Property Rentals in County Donegel Ireland  presents an ever changing spectacle of landscapes and seascapes set against a backdrop of mountains and moors.

County Galway

County Galway

Property Rentals in Ireland Galway, the largest county in Connaught, celebrated in song and story throughout the world takes centre stage on Ireland’s western seaboard.

A spectacularly beautiful county, a medley of contrasts  the wildest and remotest of countryside teamed with one of Europe’s most vibrant and popular cities Irish Rentals Vacations Accommodation

County Waterford

County Waterford

County Waterford golfers playground now come join us

County Waterford A natural playground for Golf, Equestrian, Walking, Angling, Water Sports and Cycling, enthusiasts Or just find your old family roots from past

County Wexford

County Wexford

County Wexford is in the south-eastern corner of the country with a long coastline on both the Irish sea and Celtic Sea 

A holiday in Wexford can match anything more exotic locations have to offer.

Boasting over 115kms of coastline and golden sands have long been popular with families wishing to escape the noise, stresses and strains of city living.

Irish Rentals Vacations

County Carlow Hotels

County Carlow

Carlow is a tiny inland county south of County Kildare and south-west of County Wicklow.

The River Slaney flows through its eastern part, which is an extension of the granite area of County Wicklow.

Ireland Irish Rentals Vacations

County Cork Hotels

County Cork Hotels

County Cork Ireland Hotels Guesthouses, Lodges and Bed and Breakfast  Cork is the 15th-century Blarney Castle home to the Blarney Stone which is said to give the gift of the gab or eloquence, to those who kiss it

Ireland Irish Rentals Vacations Cork Hotels Guesthouses,Lodges and Bed and Breakfast

County Clare

county clare small

Irish Rentals Vacations Accommodation. Situated in the mid-west region of Ireland, County Clare boasts truly breathtaking scenery and a wonderfully warm, charming and welcoming people.

Clare is a magical county, full of surprise and contrast.

County Kerry

county kerry small

Irish Rentals Vacations accommodation Killarney is one of of the most beautiful places in the world, often described as Heaven’s Reflex and Beauty’s Home

Vacations Ireland

County Kilkenny


where you can stay County Kilkenny Ireland Vacation time for you very popular tourist destination a popular base to explore the surrounding towns villages and countryside

Irish Rentals Vacations  Vacations Ireland

County Waterford Hotels now find your next vacation🛌🏻

County Waterford

Vacation County Waterford Hotels

County Waterford Hotels The county of Waterford offers for your next vacation a dazzling coastline, beautiful river valleys and two dramatic ranges of very accessible mountains.

Ireland Holidays Waterford City is the capital of the Sunny South East of Ireland.

The county of Waterford offers for your next vacation a dazzling coastline, beautiful river valleys and two dramatic ranges of very accessible mountains.

Northern Ireland Holiday Property

Northern Ireland

Irish Vacations Property Rental such as Luxury cottage on shores of picturesque Lough Erne

Great Britain

England London big ben

Great Britain Destinations Click through to gather Accommodation information

Irish Cuisine

Irish Fruit Loaf

Irish cuisine the style of cooking that originated from Ireland Such as Guinness Beef Stew plus try Making the Best Healthy Irish Dublin Coddle plus traditional Irish Barmbrack loaf

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Ireland (Eyewitness Travel Guides).


Discover the true beauty, culture and history of the Emerald Isle with the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Ireland 2017, your indispensable companion to the very best this small nation has to offer.

Discover Dublin’s finest cultural icons with a visit to Trinity College to marvel at the Book of Kells, witness ancient Celtic construction at Newgrange and the Hill of Tara.

Outdoor lovers can explore the country’s finest beaches along the Southeast coast, see the wonder of Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway and travel along the Wild Atlantic Way from Cork to Donegal.

Wherever you choose to visit, DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Ireland 2017 covers the very best attractions, hotels, shops and restaurants in Ireland, all accompanied by beautiful illustrations and photography.


Irish Map Ireland

Destination Ireland The Emerald Isle.

Top 10 Irish Eire castles in the Emarald Isle.

Brooding ruins on windswept hills to restored masterpieces, Ireland’s castles can be looked at, walked through, clambered over, dined in – even slept in! Here are 10 of our favorites.
1. Cahir Castle: Feudal fantasy abounds at this river-island site with moat, turrets, towers, defenses and dungeons. This castle is one of Ireland’s largest.
2. Kilkenny Castle: Rising above the River Nore, this is one of Ireland’s most visited heritage sites.

Dublin Castle: Ireland

Center of British power in Ireland for over 700 years and home to the world-famous Chester Beatty Library. Check out the beautiful State Apartments.
4. Dunguaire Castle: Chess-piece style castle erected around 1520 by the O’Hynes clan. Plow through a big group meal at a medieval banquet held here.
5. Rock of Cashel: This ancient fortified home of kings is just the tip of the iceberg for moody and forlorn ruins hidden away in the surrounding green expanse.

6. King John’s Castle: Ireland

Limerick’s showcase castle is best viewed from the west bank of the River Shannon. Seek out medieval weapons, like the trebuchet, and walk the magnificent castle walls.
7. Blarney Castle: Crowds flock to this 15th-century castle to kiss the Blarney Stone. Bend over backwards on the battlements, give it a kiss and don’t forget to take in the views.



Ross Castle: See the cunning spiral staircase at this County Kerry gem. Every step is a different height to break an attacker’s stride.
9. Trim Castle: Truly impressive castle that briefly returned to its former glory in 1996 as a location for Mel Gibson’s Braveheart.
10. Ashford Castle: Once owned by the Guinness family of stout fame. Peek into its immaculately restored interior by sleeping there or just dining there.
Also visit Newgrange.

Newgrange is a prehistoric monument in County Meath, Ireland, about one kilometre north of the River Boyne.

It was built about 3200 BC, during the Neolithic period, which makes it older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids.

Newgrange, recently restored, is a great circular mound of earth and stone 250 feet in diameter encircled by a ring of standing stones.

The interior is solid except for a single stone-lined and stone-capped passage 62 feet long and 3 feet wide which terminates close to the centre of the mound in main chamber with a corbelled vault 20 feet high and three recessed chambers.

The entrance, in front of which is a massive curbstone (10 feet long, 4 feet high) carved with spirals and lozenges, incorporates a roof box which allows the sun, at sunrise on the morning of the winter solstice on December 21, to penetrate the full length of the interior passage all the way to the main chamber.

A similar carefully calculated phenomenon is also found at Abu Simbel in Egypt.


Irish Vacations

Northern Ireland

You can choose from over 130 Cottages Houses and Apartments. Ireland Hotels self catering accommodation bed and breakfast Guest Houses private apartments inland and town center Direct Vacation opportunities Property Rentals all over Ireland  for your next holidays

Scottish Holiday Homes

Scotish Homes

Scotland northernmost country of the UK Its major cities are Edinburgh, the capital, with its iconic hilltop castle, and Glasgow, famed for its vibrant cultural scene. Scotland is also famous for golf, the game first played at the Old Course at St Andrews in the 1400s.

A nice selection of Rental homes in Scotland

Welsh Rental Property

Welsh Castle

A Holiday Home in Wales.

Wales Property Rentals in Wales United Kingdom Holiday Homes for your Vacation Accommodation in various parts of Wales Capital City Cardiff

English Rental Homes

England London big ben
England London big ben

English Index  Accommodation Property Rentals including Hotels England the United Kingdom Holiday Homes for your vacation.

Vaction Property in England

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Camper info Italy listed are some interesting info about where the sites are situated across the area Selection of interesting videos on sites in Italy for your vacation



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