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Bird Watching Natural Park Sierra Espuna is one of the natural spaces of Murcia on the Costa Calida, historically protected due to the natural values that it contains.🐦

“Sierra Espuna” Natural Park is one of the natural spaces of Murcia on the Costa Calida, historically protected due to the natural values that it contains ideal for Bird Watching Spain.

It is located in the geographic centre of the Region of Murcia, surrounded by the towns of Aledo, Alhama, Totana, Mula and Pliego.

Bird Watching Spain

Bird Watching
Black bellied Sand Grouse male

Sierra Espuna

Sierra Espuna was first protected as a regional park in 1992. It is also classified as a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA), and Site of Community Importance (SCI). You will find all kinds of wildlife here including wild boars.

Golden Eagle in Sierra Espuna – Photo Logistics Hide

Bird watching Spain

The Golden Eagle is one of the most impressive raptors in Europe.
Now Photo Logistics offers you one hide for taking photos on this bird in a magnificent scenery: the Sierra Espuña Natural Park.

 In this protected area there are a population of Barbary Sheep under control thanks to the management of hunting licences.
Golden Eagle uses to feed on their carcasses once they are left in the field.

For months Photo Logistics people in the area has tested that food with the maximum care for avoiding lead poisoning and always under the supervision of Natural Park technicians.
 In this way we can give a extra food to the Eagles and take photos avoiding living bait like doves. The results are really satisfying.

Bird Watch Spain The Hide ideal for twitchers

The hide much used by twitchers in this service has been provided with one way mirror in its windows, that allow to take photos on birds overflying the feeding point before land.

The size of this hide are big enough for having until 3 photographers at the same time.
There are also three windows with 50×60 cm. allowing a panoramic view of the area.

Below is a local hide by the pond for Bird Watch Spain

Bird Watching
Hide for twitcher Bird Watch Spain

Its landscape is mainly dominated by the pine exemplary, planted in the latter part of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. We also find the typical Mediterranean forest (kermes oak, mastic tree, juniper, black hawthorn, etc.).

The savin juniper and the “nun seat” (padding-looking bush) are species able to grow under harsh environmental conditions, that predominate in the peaks, in a karst landscape.

The main peaks “Morrón de Espuna” (1.585 m.) and “Morrón Chico” (1.446 m.) offer an excellent view to the entire mountain and surroundings.

The fauna is rich and varied, it’s not hard to find squirrels, mouflons (wild sheep), wild boars or golden eagles.

Bird Watching
Bird Watching Spain

Espuna provides the tourist with the opportunity to combine leisure, sport, relaxation and culture. It includes routes for walking or cycling, places to eat and stay, and the “Pozos de la Nieve” (snow wells).

This is a very popular area for Family Walks  this route in the Sierra Espua, is known as the route of the dinosaurs’


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Wild Boar in the Sierra Espuna – Murcia, Spain.

Whilst we were in the Sierra Espuña National Park in May we stopped by the side of the road where a couple of workmen spread some grain on the ground so that we would be able to see “close up” the wild boar.

After the first group came you will see (about halfway through the video) that two more boar come down the hill followed by the piglets once they’ve decided that it’s safe for them.

What a surprise and an awesome experience!

Hiking Retreats in Spain.

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When it comes to Hiking Holiday destinations, Spain emerges as an enticing choice with its wide range of options for outdoor enthusiasts.

Bajo El Cejo Opens in new window

Bird Watching

 El Berro (900 m from centre)Bajo El Cejo enjoys a privileged position in the middle of the Sierra Espuña natural park. This hotel has free Wi-Fi and stunning views. Natural materials dominate in the rooms in Bajo El Cejo.

Natural materials dominate in the rooms in Bajo El Cejo. Wooden ceilings create an atmosphere of calm. All rooms have air conditioning, and under-floor heating.

Charcoal Burning

The building itself was originally used for charcoal burning and milling. Today the central space is used as a lounge with an open fire.

The Sierra Espuña park is popular with walkers, birders, mountain bikers, cavers, climbers and hunters. The nearest big city is Murcia. The hotel has free onsite parking.

Bird Watching Spain

Bird Watch Spain

The Los Cocedores Caves

Los Cocedores Caves and beach Cala Cerrada is known as Playa de los Cocedores Almería and Murcia “argue” over ownership of Los Cocedores area

Caves Los Cosdores
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Bird Watch Spain

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