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Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Spanish Items connected to Spain

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Miscellaneous Items that persons could be looking for that are connected to holidays in Spain or living in Spain.
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Miscellaneous Items

Diversity. This is what defines the essence of this culinary mixed bag.  Spain’s natural richness and its cuisine have led to the creation of food items that are difficult to categorice. For this reason, all of these extraordinary products that deserve mention are given a place here.

From exclusive salt, a most prized Mediterranean gem and essential resource of veteran fishermen in Cantabria who have made salting a way of life, to delicate sweets such as turrón, pastries and mantecado shortbreads. These small confectionery gems bring the distant era of Al-Andalus to the table, although as the irony of life would have it, these products have survived a long history within convents and monasteries in different parts of Spain.

There is also room here for game meat and the most delicate and tender legumes.Some culinary creations were created out of necessity. In other cases, only the most modern of preservation techniques have allowed these items to reach the shelves and stockrooms of gourmet shops, ready to be enjoyed in all their splendour: from partridges and quails in brine to chickpea and lentil preserves, within this space, the forest and vegetable garden go hand-in-hand.

paprica Miscellaneous ItemsPaprika

Paprika is a fundamental ingredient in traditional Spanish cooking, with a flavour that brings to mind comfort food at its finest.


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